How to Find Segments

Looking for a new segment to conquer? Can’t find the segment someone told you about? Want to see popular segments in your area? There are two ways to find segments on Strava:

Use the Segment Explore feature: 

Explore will show a sampling of segments in the given area based on many different factors. Zoom in, zoom out, or enter a location and Strava will show the most popular segments in that area. To find the Explore feature, select More (iPhone), the menu option (Android), or navigate to the Explore menu > Segment Explore (web). Here are some tips for making the most of Explore:

  • Use the filter options: Choose between cycling and running segments, filter for climbing or flat segments, select the map background, or view the list instead of the map.
  • Click on a segment in the map or on the list to see a brief description of the segment details, the KOM time, and your best time if you’ve ridden it.
  • Zoom, scroll and search to explore segments in different map areas. 

Search for Segments by name or keyword:

Don’t see the segment you’re looking for in Explore? Or do you know the segment name? From the Strava website, use the Explore menu and select Segment Search. You can search for segments by keyword or the full segment name. If you want to save the segment for future reference, remember to star the segment

Find segments you've created:

If you've ever created a segment, the segment can be found in your list of created segments. From the Strava website, navigate to the Dashboard menu > My Segments, then select the Created Segments tab. 

See where you're first on the Leaderboard:

If you have the fastest recorded time on any segments, you can find the list on your profile on the website. From your profile, find the tab My KOMs/QOMs/CRs. 

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