How to Find Segments

Looking for a new segment to conquer? Can’t find the segment someone told you about? Want to see popular segments in your area? Strava can help you explore and find any segment we have and we make it fun too! There are two ways to find segments on Strava:

Segment Explore:

From any page, click on “Explore” on the top of the screen and you’ll be taken to our Segment Explore page. Explore will show the top 10 segments for any level of area of map boundaries that you choose. Zoom in, zoom out, or enter a location and Strava will show the most popular segments in that area. 

Here are some tips for making the most of Segment Explore:

  • Choose between cycling and running at the top of the map.
  • You can filter how much climbing you want to see as well - limit it to flat segments, or go for it an only look at Category 1 and HC climbs!
  • Click on a Segment in the map or on the list on the left to see a brief description of the segment details, the KOM time, and your best time, if you’ve ridden it.
  • Zoom, scroll and search around for new segments or some of your favorites!

Segment Search:

Don’t see the segment you’re looking for? Or do you know the segment name and just want to find it, fast? From the Explore drop down menu, click the “Segment Search” button to search for segments by keyword. Simply enter the name of the segment or a word you know is in the segment to get started.

You can filter by cycling and running, as well as by category of climb (Flat all the way to HC or “Beyond Category”). You’ll not only find the segment you’re looking for, you’ll see some details and even how many times it’s been ridden!

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