Merging Duplicate Accounts

If your Strava account suddenly looks blank or your past activities seem to be missing, it's possible that you accidentally created multiple Strava accounts.

  • A single email address can't be used with more than one Strava account, so another email address would have been used to create the duplicate.
  • You may have entered your email address with a typo (most common) or used a different one on the login page, like an older personal, work, or school email address.
  • To review the email address associated with your Strava account, navigate to your profile and select Edit on the mobile app or Profile photo > Settings on the Stava website.

How do I find the correct Strava account?

  • Do you know of any email addresses you may have used to sign up? It's possible the profile was created using an older personal/work/school email address.
  • You may be able to locate your account by looking at athletes you were following or that were following you. Look for comments or kudos from your correct account, activities you matched with, etc.
  • Do you have any emails from Strava that have a link to an activity of yours? This may be an email about a friend giving you a Kudo or comment.
  • Did you have a subscription? If you submit a support ticket, we may be able to locate the original transaction and use that to find your account.
  • Try Googling your profile name + Strava (Example: "Johnny Appleseed Strava"). Google does store web URLs for some time, and you may be able to find a link to your profile page this way.

Deleting a duplicate account with no uploaded data

If you know you have a duplicate account that contains no personal data or uploads you wish to keep, log into that account and proceed with the deletion instructions found here. Please be aware that this process is permanent, and our team will not be able to recover the account.

Deleting a duplicate account with uploaded data you wish to Transfer or Export

If you have multiple accounts containing unique data, you may wish to consolidate all your activities into one account, the one you want to keep. At this time, only activity data (excluding activities that were manually entered) can be transferred from one account to another. However, you can export any data you wish to keep for your records before deleting your account.

  • Log into the account FROM WHICH you would like to transfer data. If you don't have access to the account, you can perform a password reset.
  • Follow these instructions to bulk export the data on this account. 
  • Log in to the account you want to transfer the data TO (the account you will keep).
    • Unzip the bulk data archive folder.
    • Open the unzipped file and go into the "activities" folder.
    • Unzip any activity files that are zipped. (Zipped files will end in .gz).
    • Go to the Strava upload page at
    • Click "Choose Files," then navigate to the activities folder.
    • Strava subscribers can select up to 25 unzipped activity files to upload. Non-subscribers can select up to 15 files to upload.
    • Repeat step 6 until all unzipped files are uploaded to your account.
  • Once you have transferred all your activity to your primary account that you will keep, log back into the now duplicate account to close and proceed with the Deletion instructions.
  • If you have any questions about this process or are having trouble accessing one of your accounts, please proceed with submitting a support ticket. Deleting your account is PERMANENT and cannot be undone.
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