Android App Settings

Accessing your Setting

Tap the Menu button - the three lines - at the top-left of any page within Strava, and select Settings. Please note that if your phone has a built-in Menu button, you will not see the three dots; you should use your phone's Menu button instead. From your Setting page, you can manage your Summit subscription, link other services such as Instagram, MyFitnessPal or Google Fit and manage your preferences.
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Managing Preferences 

The options you select in the Strava Android app are saved to your Strava account - meaning that they will also be reflected when you access Strava from a computer.

  • Chose to Highlight either the map or a photo to represent your uploaded activities in the feed.
  • Summit members can enable or disable Beacon.
  • Change your Display preferences:
    • Toggle units of Measure between Imperial and Metric
    • Change your Default Tab (the page that the Strava app will open to) between your Activity Feed and the Record a Ride/Run screen
  • Enable in-app Notifications of the following:
    • Interactions with your activities
    • Activity from your friends
    • Updates from your Clubs
    • Updates on your events
    • Interactions with your posts
    • Updates from Strava
  • Use Wear device GPS, if available, when starting recording on the device.
  • Manage Privacy Controls
  • View the Help Center and create a Support ticket.
  • View a Glossary of some commonly used terms within Strava.
  • View Legal information including our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Copyright information.
  • View information About your Android app version, maps on Strava, and the company. You also have the option to rate the app.
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