Android App Settings

Accessing Your Setting

Open your settings from the Settings Icon.jpg icon in the upper right corner of the You tab. From your settings page, you can manage your subscription, link to other services such as Google Fit, change your email or password, and manage your preferences.

Managing Preferences 

The options you select in the Strava Android app are saved to your Strava account - meaning that they will also be reflected when you access Strava from a computer.

    • Manage privacy controls.
    • Choose to highlight either the map or media to represent your uploaded activities in the feed.
    • Default Maps
    • Change how activities are ordered in your feed.
    • Subscribers can enable or disable Beacon.
    • Manage the partner integrations for your own activities.
    • Change your display preferences:
      • Choose units of measure between imperial and metric.
      • Change between Celsius and Fahrenheit for temperature display. 
      • Change your default tab (the page that the Strava app will open to) between your activity feed and the record screen.
    • Enable push notifications of the following:
      • Interactions with your activities.
      • Activity from your friends.
      • Updates about challenges.
      • Updates from your clubs.
      • Updates on your events.
      • Interactions with your posts.
      • Data permissions.
      • Other, like marketing and feature and subscription tips.
    • Email notifications. Elect whether or not you'd like to receive Strava's email newsletter.
    • Use Wear device GPS, if available, when starting recording on the device.
    • Control access to contacts:
      • Turning this setting ON allows Strava to store and periodically sync with your address book. We will use this information to help you locate your friends on Strava through the suggested follows.
      • If you choose to turn this setting OFF we will stop syncing new contacts from your address book.
    • Subscribers can choose whether to hide the weather on activities.
    • Approve or deny Strava's access to health-related data.
    • Create a support ticket.
    • Visit Strava's Community Hub to engage with other athletes. 
    • View FAQs.
    • View legal information including our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Copyright information.
    • View information about your Android app version, maps on Strava, and the company. You also have the option to rate the app.
    • Delete your Strava account. Please be aware this is permanent and we will not be able to recover your account once it has been deleted. 
    • Log out of your account.
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