Android App Settings

Accessing your Setting

Select the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of your Profile. From your Setting page, you can manage your subscription, link other services such as Instagram, MyFitnessPal or Google Fit and manage your preferences.

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Managing Preferences 

The options you select in the Strava Android app are saved to your Strava account - meaning that they will also be reflected when you access Strava from a computer.

  • Chose to Highlight either the map or a photo to represent your uploaded activities in the feed.
  • Subscribers can enable or disable Beacon.
  • Change your Display preferences:
    • Toggle units of Measure between Imperial and Metric
    • Change your Default Tab (the page that the Strava app will open to) between your Activity Feed and the Record a Ride/Run screen
  • Enable in-app Notifications of the following:
    • Interactions with your activities
    • Activity from your friends
    • Updates about challenges
    • Updates from your clubs
    • Updates on your events
    • Interactions with your posts
    • Data permissions
    • Updates from Strava
  • Use Wear device GPS, if available, when starting recording on the device.
  • Manage Privacy Controls
  • View the Help Center and create a Support ticket.
  • View a Glossary of some commonly used terms within Strava.
  • View Legal information including our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Copyright information.
  • View information About your Android app version, maps on Strava, and the company. You also have the option to rate the app.
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