MyFitnessPal and Strava

Connecting MyFitnessPal to Strava:

    • From the Strava website, hover over your profile picture and select Settings > My Apps, and look for the option to Connect with MyFitnessPal under Social Connections.
    • From the MyFitnessPal app, select More > Apps & Devices > search for Strava.

All your activities will be synced to MyFitnessPal and include the following data:

    • Activity type
    • Calories
    • Duration
    • Speed


My Strava activity wasn't synced to MyFitnessPal. Can I try syncing it again?

We cannot resend data to MyFitnessPal if it was not sent when the Strava activity was created.

If I delete an activity from Strava, will it still appear on MyFitnessPal?

No, if you delete activities from Strava, they are not removed from MyFitnessPal. They will still appear in MyFitnessPal, which means if you upload a new activity that same day, it will be added to the deleted entry.

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