MyFitnessPal and Strava

From the Strava website, hover over the menu in the upper right corner and select Settings. Select Connect with MyFitnessPal in the right-hand column. From the Strava mobile app, navigate to More > Settings > Applications, Services and Devices > MyFitnessPal.

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  • +1. Common guys there is a clear demand for Strava and MFP to collaborate and integrate!

  • I wonder if it will update your weight from MyFitnessPal to Strava.

  • Yes please

  • +1 for MFP integration

  • It's also on the android app and doesn't appear to be working me either.

  • Yes, please! It just makes sense to integrate the best nutrition app and the best fitness app out there. 

  • After finding out strava wasn't able to connect with fitbit, I was hoping it would with mfp. Would like to see this happen. F

  • +1

  • I just started using My Fitness Pal. I have a HR on order and considering upgrading to a premium account. I would love to see two apps be integrated.


  • Can you give us an update Strava people?  Be nice to know what's happening with this.  

  • +1

  • I love Strava and it syncs with my Magellan Cyclo 500 seamlessly but I'm thinking of moving to Mapmyride because of the Myfitnesspal integration as I track my nutrition and training together. It would be so much better if strava had that capacity!!

  • I see it on my iPhone app but it doesn't do anything. I connected but nothing comes across. :(

  • Wow, I guess I'm not alone here!

  • It seems a high percentage of the users are behind the move too!!

  • I finally tried this out, and it worked... almost...

    It showed up in my MyFitnessPal, but the time was offset by 7 hours.

    Obviously a time zone conversion issue somewhere, although not the usual forgetting to adjust, but rather adjusting an already adjusted time, so it is in MyFitnessPal 7 hours _behind_ when it should be - 11:57 pm last night instead of 6:57 am today.

  • +1 this would make a good app perfect in my world :-)

  • The Wahoo Fitness app can actually be used to capture the run/ride and then upload to Strava, MFP, Garmin, and many others. Unfortunately right now, seems that the MFP uploading is broken for a few people (like me) but works for a friend. Ultimately, I'd prefer Strava do it but Wahoo's app is well ahead with a multitude of additional features lacking from Strava right now.

  • Hi folks,

    I know that there seem to be some issues with transferring Strava activities to MyFitnessPal. I believe Strava/MFP is working on these issues. I'll try to get more information about the situation if I can. 

    Please keep the information coming via your comments. Thanks! 

    Also, If you go to the Strava website under "Settings" you'll find the link to connect your MyFitnessPal account. 


  • wait for it..... wait for it................ wait for it!!................ ZZZZZZZZZZZZz   ........ someday :D  +1!!

  • Not working for me, either...

  • From the few times I have used this function it looks like it uploads fine over a data network but does not upload if your phone is connected to wifi.

  • +1

  • I linked up MFP and Strava accts last night.  Ride I did this morning did not sync up.  Not ready yet?

  • Hi.

    I upgraded to the new iPhone app today which has MyFitnessPal integration built into it.  However it appears that the data being passed from Strava to MyFitnessPal is having timezone issues.  I am in the UK and we are currently GMT+1 (as we're in summer time).  An activity starting at 17:21 GMT+1 was logged in MyFitnessPal as 18:21 GMT+1.  If I tell MyFitnessPal that my timezone is UTC rather than London then the activity is shown at the correct time.  This leads me to suggest that the +1 that Strava is adding is being added again by MyFitnessPal so perhaps the data being shared is being passed with a bad timezone stamp, or is it that MyFitnessPal are incorrectly re-adding the hour shift?  Is this something that Strava are aware of and working with MyFitnessPall to rectify please?

    Thanks, Alec

  • +1

  • I take my comment back. I guess there is integration. Haven't tried it yet tho.

  • I am seeing a similar problem, except that as I am at UTC-7, all my entries show up -7 hours from when they actually happened.

    I opened a customer service request, since at the time I was not able to open a bug report, so I am guessing that my customer service request is not visible to all...

    According to the person that I am working with, there are Strava employees seeing the problem with their accounts, and there are some that are not. I do have to wonder if those that are not have their MyFitnessPal account configured with UTC.


  • There are a lot of MFP users discussing this on their community posts and it would be SUCH a good idea!!! Pretty please :)

  • +1 from me

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