Magellan Cyclo and Strava

  1. Upload your activities to Magellan's online application. You can wirelessly connect your Cyclo 505 and 505hc with MagellanCyclo to automatically sync your tracks.
  2. Through MagellanCyclo, you can configure your account to simultaneously transfer your data to Strava. The new data will also appear in Strava automatically.
  3. If your device has a barometric altimeter, keep in mind that Strava may not be able to process this elevation data. 


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  • Please add support for the Magellan Cyclo 505.

  • Seems strange that Magellan **want** to work with Strava and support is limited but Garmin actively work against Strava and support is all there ???

  • I'm with Will, love both my 505 HC and Strava but its a up hill battle, PLEASE fix.

  • Are any of you familiar with the upload feature mentioned between Magellan and Strava here?

  • A bit of a known issue I'd like to post here:

    When a Magellan upload is sent to Strava, sometimes the distance comes out all whacky - it might say 1.0 miles for a longer ride if the distance is calculated by the data in the file. This is because the distance data in the file is not formatted correctly, so when Strava tries to read this data it is incorrect. This is an issue that we hope Magellan can address with their file exporter.

    To fix this:

    1. Recalculate distance by GPS coordinates in the file (can be done by any support agent at Strava)
    2. Export your upload as GPX from Strava, delete the current upload, and upload the Strava GPX (we recalculate the distance before we export)

    Hope that helps!


  • I just got a Magellan Cyclo 505. Thank you for the integration between the Cyclo 505 and Strava.

  • Yep same here data all wrong in starva but ok in mio share any update on this ?????

  • Same issue. My vertical meters get cut in half on every ride. Please help.

  • Can someone reply to this thread when the issue is fixed? I'm strongly considering buying the 505, but won't do it until it works properly with Strava. Thanks.

  • Bought a 505 today, first experience with a GPS of any kind. Got everything up and running, wi-fi upload worked well after the ride, correct stats on the Magellan website but the auto syc with strava cut the ride time and elevation in half along with an apparent total distance of .6km

    Any news on the problem would be great, cheers.

  • I have the same problem as Ellis.

    Device is showing up as "mobile" which I am assuming will not translate the 505 elevation data?




  • Sorry for the delay! 

    I've checked a few of your accounts, and I do understand the problem with the elevation. @Stephen is definitely on the right track by noticing the "mobile" tag for uploads from the Magellan devices. It seems that whether you're using MioShare or MagellanCyclo to upload your data and sync with Strava, the data reaching Strava is the same, and Strava is unable to read the device's original elevation data. Due to this, Strava will recalculate your elevation data causing some differences in the elevation numbers you're seeing.

    @Mark, just to be clear it looks like the rest of the data is coming over to Strava just fine. The elevation statistics relate to a "post-processing" calculation, and not the GPS or time data, which should be transferred correctly.

    In order to fix this issue with elevation data, Strava would need to receive the right information as to the type of device and whether a barometric altimeter recorded the elevation data. I believe this is something that Magellan/Mio would need to send us from their end.

    Hope that helps explain things! 

  • If users are seeing speed and distance issues after uploading the .gpx file to Strava from a Cyclo unit there are a couple of solutions.

    1) As previously stated here, export the .gpx file from Strava, delete the activity from Strava and then re-upload the .gpx file that was exported from Strava back into Strava manually using the upload button on the Strava website.

    2) Possibly easier, copy the .fit file (NOT the .gpx file) direct from the Cyclo unit by connecting it to your PC and then upload the .fit file to Strava manually using the upload button on the Strava website.

    Hope that helps!

  • +1 Justin.  This is the solution that I have been using.  When manually uploading the FIT file from the Cyclo,  Strava recognizes the unit as a Magellan Cyclo and all of the uploaded data, including distance and elevation, are correct using this method.

  • Please add support for the Mio Cyclo 505.

  • I am going nuts with my Cyclo105, as the .GPX files exported by Magellan PC Desktop Tool still show on Strava Activities as "mobile" and thus the barometric altimeter in the device is wasted as its data isn't going to Strava.

    The 105 can't be seen in Windows Explorer like the 505 can so we can't access the .FIT files on the device, and MioShare website exports blank .FIT files (but ok .GPX files).

    What can we do?

  • Elle


    you state  1. Recalculate distance by GPS coordinates in the file (can be done by any support agent at Strava)""


    where do we find this "support agent"  ?


    cheers Mick

  • Please add support for Cyclo 505

  • Did Strava allready contact Mio to solve this issue?

  • Magellan provides  an online application where you can upload and share your rides with other Magellan users. Once the Cyclo 505 is registered with an account on Magellan Cyclo, you can use Wi-Fi to automatically upload new ride data, and if you connect this account with your Strava account, the new data will also appear in Strava automatically.

  • Just purchased a Magellan Cyclo 505after using a Garmin Forerunner 310XT and can't believe that still have to deal with elevation recalculation issues. The Strava algorithm is so woefully inadequate it is a joke. Raised this 2 years ago with Strava and they have still done nothing. Please provide an option for users to deactivate the elevation recalculation. Every device on the market provides a better estimation of the elevation that Strava, which for me is around 60% over estimation of the actual elevation.

  • This is how the Strava elevation feature is designed: We only accept the raw elevation data for "trusted" devices, which just means that the device is registered with Strava as having a barometric altimeter. For all other devices, or when no device info is provided in the uploaded file, Strava uses it's own elevation algorithm.

    This means that the Magellan is not registered on Strava. When you look at an uploaded activity there is no device listed. The device should appear to the right of the bike used on the activity. If we can't identify and verify the device you are using, we can't trust the elevation.

    The problem here comes from the data sent to Strava from the Magellan Cyclo application. If Strava is not sent ANY device identification info in the file, we can't set the right process in place to identify the device and add it to our "trusted" list.

    I hope that this explanation helps.

  • Elle, it would be helpful to be able to see the list of "trusted" devices. Is that public? I'm in the market for a new cyclometer and am looking at models with barometric altimeters but I don't want to buy one that strava ignores. Which devices are on your "trusted" list?

  • John, I would not buy the Magellan, I'm assuming you are considering as that's the board you posted to. I've got one and it really feels like it's been forgotten by the manufacturer. I know that is not your question, but stick with Garmin or Polar who seems to care about their devices.

  • my ride uploads from the Cyclo 505, are not finding their way to strava. Stopped getting connectivity a few days ago. Anyone know what's up with this ?

  • I've noticed this (Cyclo 505 uploads not finding their way to Strava) too! Any ideas how to fix?

  • Same here Bucky. My past week of rides haven't made it to Strava but are happily sitting in MagellanCyclo.

  • Bucky -, I too have had 'issues' WRT the link between and Strava. This is what Magellan/Navman have said:
    Since we have updated the software of the Cyclo 505, we need to un-sync the 3rd party websites on the Cyclo Portal and sync them back again. Please follow the instructions below.

    1. Go to
    2. Login your account.
    3. Go to account settings by clicking your name on the top right-hand side.
    4. Go to Synchronization settings.
    5. Click “Unlink my account”.
    6. Click “Link my account”.
    7. Login your Strava account.
    8. Authorize the Magellan to connect to your Strava account.
    9. Go back to Synchronization settings.
    10. Enable the services under Strava.
    I have also discovered "" which seems to hold different info about links from that shown on the website.
    Have a play and let us know if anything works for you.

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