SIGMA and Strava

You can upload your activities automatically or manually to Strava from the SIGMA Ride App using the following compatible devices:

    • ROX 2.0
    • ROX 4.0
    • ROX 11.1 EVO
    • ROX 12.1 EVO

Connecting Strava and the SIGMA Ride App

    1. Install the SIGMA Ride App from the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).
    2. Pair your SIGMA ROX with the SIGMA Ride App and transfer your activities to the app.
    3. Go to Settings > Cloud & Apps.
    4. Select Strava as a list item to log in to your Strava account.
    5. Enter your Strava login information and authorize the connection between SIGMA and Strava.
    6. To synchronize your activities to Strava, enable the option Share automatically after SIGMA and Strava are linked. The synchronization will start after the connection between SIGMA and Strava is established. Please note that all former activities will not synchronize automatically.


Manually Uploading an Activity File to Strava

    1. Start SIGMA DATA CENTER* and choose the training you want to share.
    2. Export the training as a .FIT file.
    3. Visit
    4. Click Choose File.

*For the following devices, you can select an activity .fit file directly from the storage without using the DATA CENTER:

    • ROX 2.0
    • ROX 4.0
    • ROX 11.1 EVO
    • ROX 12.0 (Activities/fit)


My SIGMA activity still has not appeared on Strava

During peak usage times, there could be a delay that will delay activities from appearing on Strava. We are constantly working on getting activities processed as quickly as possible; however, sometimes, you may experience delays. You can always use the instructions outlined above to upload an activity file to Strava manually.

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