Sigma and Strava

You can automatically upload your activities to Strava from Sigma Data Center using the ROX GPS 7, 10 or 11. Have a Sigma Rox 12.0? Learn more here.

  1. Install SIGMA DATA CENTER on your computer and start the program.
  2. Connect your ROX GPS Device.
  3. Click Menu at the top right and select settings.
  4. Select 'Sharing accounts' from the left navigation
  5. Click 'Login' next to Strava logo and enter your Strava account information and the accounts will be linked.
  6. Enable auto-sharing for the activities you would like to automatically appear in your Strava account.

Manually uploading activities to Strava

  1. Start SIGMA DATA CENTER and choose the training you would like to share
  2. Export the training as a .fit file
  3. Visit
  4. Click Choose file.

I've connected my accounts, what now?

New activities will be synced to your Strava account within minutes. You can also follow the manual export instructions if you want to see your statistics right away.

My activity still has not appeared in Strava, what happened?

There could be a delay during peak usage times that will delay activities from appearing in Strava. We are constantly working to get activities processed as quickly as they come in, however, sometimes you may experience delays.

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