Athlete Intelligence on Strava (Beta)

Strava subscribers can better understand their data, progress, and goals with generative AI summaries.

Opting Into Artificial Intelligence

Look for the Artificial Intelligence prompt at the top of your feed and tap the option to Join the Beta.

By tapping Join the Beta, you consent to Strava's use of your data, including health and location, from past and future activities, for AI features. This data is not sold or used for further AI training. You can withdraw your consent at any time.

If you wish to leave the beta, tap Helpful? on any of the AI summaries on your activity details page, then select Leave the beta.

How it Works

Once opted in, outdoor and indoor activities of select sport types will include a summary of the activity under the stat box. Supported sport types include run, trail run, ride, gravel ride, mountain bike ride, walk, and hike. 

To enhance reliability and quality of output, summaries consider several factors including aggregate data from past activities and can take some time to generate.  You will see a “Athlete Intelligence is thinking. Check back in a minute!” message if the AI Summary is not yet complete.

Tap Say More to see a more detailed analysis of this activity. Scroll down to your activity stats to see further analysis on stats such as elevation, pace/speed, Grade Adjusted Pace, heart rate, heart rate zones and pace/power zones.

The AI summary will not be generated for estimated power, perceived exertion, cadence, or elevation (if the activity has less than X feet.)

If you wish to submit feedback on your summary, tap Helpful? > Share feedback and choose an option on the next page. (Very helpful, somewhat helpful, unhelpful, offensive) or Leave Beta.

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