Club Moderation Guidelines For Admins and Owners

Clubs on Strava are places to gather around common interests and to support and encourage one another. To help keep our platform safe, welcoming, and inclusive, club owners, admins, and members are all expected to follow a set of policies: our Terms of Service, which includes our Acceptable Use Policy and Club terms, as well as our Community Standards, which set out the expectations we put on our athletes around the content they share and the conduct they display on our platform. This article provides a set of guidelines for club owners, admins, and members.

For Club Owners and Admins

Being a club owner or admin is a fun, empowering way to connect with and inspire your community. But the role of admin or owner comes with the following responsibilities.

    • Set clear expectations. As the club operator, you are responsible for maintaining your community with accurate information about membership, location, club description, and any club-specific rules you may want to have. Remember these rules must be in accordance with our policies. You can include club-specific rules in your club description to shape the club experience you are looking for.
    • Report inappropriate content. You are responsible for the content that is shared in your club. If you see content that you believe may violate our Terms, please report this content to Strava as soon as possible.
    • Choose a successor. If you decide you want to leave your role as owner or admin, make sure you identify other athletes who can take over the moderation of your club and promote them appropriately. If this is not possible, and as a last resort, you may want to delete the club. This is to prevent it from remaining as an unmoderated space on Strava.
    • Add new admins if you need help. As your club grows, you might need help managing it. Find trusted members of your community to become club admins if necessary, but remember they will have the same permissions as other admins.
    • Don’t misrepresent Strava or anyone else. Do not use Strava trademarks, official-sounding names, or pretend that you represent Strava, its affiliates, partners, or any other business, person, or place unless you have explicit permission to do so. And if you do create a Club for enthusiasts of a brand or entity you’re not authorized to represent, make sure your club name or description makes this clear. 

    • Don’t use media without consent. Do not use media (photos, videos, etc.) that you do not have permission to share, use, or modify in any part of your club, as this may be a violation of intellectual property rights.
    • Don’t interfere with other clubs. Organizing campaigns to disrupt other clubs is expressly prohibited, including creating clubs, joining, or posting in clubs for this purpose. 
    • Know your club privacy settings. Use the appropriate club privacy setting for your community. If you want more control over who joins your club, use the invite-only feature to approve each new member before they can join it. 

Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in account termination and club deletion.

For All Club Members

    • We expect you to treat every Strava member with respect and follow our policies. Take time to read our Acceptable Use Policy and Community Standards.
    • Use our reporting options to let us know when you see content that you believe violates those policies. 

Make sure you periodically review the list of clubs you are a member of, as clubs may evolve in their nature or outlive their usefulness. Leave any clubs you do not wish to be a part of.

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