Data and Privacy

Your privacy is important to us, and we’re committed to providing meaningful choices about how the personal information you choose to share on Strava is used. We will always ask your permission before collecting your personal data, and if you change your mind, this data can be removed from Strava’s systems at your request.

  • You can download the contents of your Strava profile, including your activities, photos, profile statistics, and your social contributions like comments, kudos, etc. Learn more about exporting your data.
  • You can select whether or not to share your performance on segments. Any public segments and routes you’ve created are a contribution to our community and will remain on Strava even if you delete your Strava account. Learn more about public segments.
  • We only collect your health-related data with your consent, such as when you choose to sync a heart rate monitor to Strava.  Learn more about how Strava uses health-related data.
  • You can choose to opt out of contributing your aggregated, public activities to Strava Metro and the Global Heatmap. Learn more about Strava Metro and the Global Heatmap.

Strava offers several different features to help you manage what information you share with other Strava athletes and with the public. Learn more about Strava’s privacy settings.

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