How Strava Uses Health-Related Data

If you've denied Strava consent to process and store your health-related data your heart rate will be removed from activities uploaded on and after May 25th, 2018. Activities uploaded before this date will still display health-related data such as heart rate.

Allowing Strava to access health-related data

We'll only collect and process health data from files you have manually uploaded to Strava or imported from other services. Here’s how we use this data to make your Strava experience better:

Denying Strava access to health-related data

Should you deny Strava consent to process and store this data, you will still be able to upload activities although health data will be removed.

  • We will notify you every time you upload an activity that contains health-related data so you can update your selection in order for Strava to collect and process this data on all future activities.
  • Past activities will still display health-related data such as heart rate. You can delete old activities that contain heart rate data if you wish.

Change your mind?

The support team won't be able to add health-related data back to any activities uploaded while Strava did not have permission to store this data.

  • If you'd like Strava to collect and process health data for future activities you can change your permission settings before your next upload.
  • If you record with a third-party GPS device and your original files contain health data, you may be able to re-upload the files to Strava. This will require that any existing versions of that activity get deleted so that the new version(s) can be uploaded. Keep in mind this will remove all kudos, comments, and photos associated with the original activity.
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