Sponsored Integrations

Sponsored integrations refer to activities in the feed associated with certain devices or services of our partners. These paid-for integrations highlight unique stats or visuals, and we label them as “sponsored.” Sponsored integrations also allow followers to learn more about a service or a device used by tapping on a banner associated with the activity.

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How it Works

Sponsored integrations are viewable by both the uploading athlete as well as their followers. Activities recorded as part of a sponsored integration receive the augmented treatment if the athlete uploading the activity has the integration enabled. All athletes, whether or not they are Summit members, may enjoy or disable sponsored integrations of their own activities.

  • Enabling this feature allows an athlete to share unique details about their activity that may include a device specific header, custom image or enhanced map.
  • A “learn more” link will also be viewable to your followers.
  • These details may vary with the device or service used to record the activity.

Athlete Controls

As an uploader, you have the option to disable this treatment of your activities. You can manage all partner integrations using the mobile app or on the Strava website under Settings > Partner Integrations. Please keep in mind:

  • You may only enable or disable this treatment on your own activities.
  • Opting out of the experience means you will not see any of the enhanced partner content on your own activities.

Leave us Feedback

We’re currently exploring different iterations of this treatment, so please keep in mind that your experience might be different from others on Strava. Furthermore, this experience is subject to change.

If you’d like to share feedback about sponsored integrations, please do so here.


How do I know if I’m viewing a Sponsored integration?

In the feed, Sponsored Integrations will display a “sponsored” tag in the map or image provided by the partner.

Why does my activity show a branded tag but not a “Sponsored” tag?

This indicates a partner integration, but one that isn’t considered sponsored.  

I don’t want to see this treatment in my feed. How do I turn it off?

Ability to disable sponsored treatment is controlled by the owner of the activity.

Why has the treatment of my integrated activity changed?

We are continuing to explore how partner content shows up on Strava. Look for improvements as we gather feedback, and thoughtful introductions of new integrations as we dial in how to make them great.

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