Moving time too short and pace too fast on Suunto activities?

This may be the result of how the GPS points are recorded in the activity file. If the file contains data points with time, but without GPS updates, when we parse the data it looks like you're not moving at those points. This causes problems in how we calculate resting time, which results in inaccuracies in pace calculations and moving time. We are working with Suunto to resolve the issue but, in the meantime, here are some workarounds that may give you a more realistic analysis:

    • Swap your distance stream to remove any outlier points from the device recording and rely on the GPS data instead.
      • Click on the link directly below your current distance listed on the activity details page, where it says Distance(?) in small letters.
      • From the pop-up, click Correct Distance.
      • When the status changes from "Calculating" to "Updated," refresh the page.
      • If you would like to revert the change, you can click the same link and click Revert Distance.
    • Tag the activity as a race to force the activity to read the total elapsed time instead of the moving time.
      • Go to the edit screen for the activity in question.
      • Select Race under the Run Type drop-down menu.
      • Save your changes.
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