Personalized Stat Maps

You can opt to use enhanced map styles on a per activity basis. Free athletes will have access to seasonal maps, while subscribers can choose from additional maps to highlight a particular activity attribute. The activity’s polyline will be displayed as a gradient of color based on the chosen data. To choose additional map styles, tap the ellipsis icon in the upper right-hand corner of the activity and select Edit Activity > Change Map Type.

Subscribers Only

  • 3D: The polyline will be displayed on 3D satellite visualization of your activity map. This is the default map type for trail sports, including hikes, trail runs, gravel bikes, mountain bikes, and e-mountain bike rides, but it can be applied to any activity type.
  • Pace or Speed: Higher speed/lower pace will be a darker blue.
  • Heart rate: Higher heart rate will be a darker red.
  • Elevation: Lower absolute elevation will be yellow and higher elevation will be black.
  • Gradient: Descents will be yellow, and inclines will be red.
  • Power: Higher power will be darker purple. Please be aware this map treatment is not available for activities with estimated power.
  • Time: Longer elapsed time will be a darker red.
  • Temperature: Higher temperatures will be a darker red.

Free Athletes

You may see different options depending on the time of year, but some examples of seasonal maps include:

  • Strava Metro
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Pride
  • Turkey Trot


Are these activity lines available to all athletes?

All athletes will be able to see these in their feed and will have access to seasonal maps for their own activities. Strava subscribers will have additional map options available.

Is there a legend or key that indicates what each color means?

There’s no legend available on the activity page at this time. You can reference the section above to learn more about how the data is illustrated by the different color gradients.

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