XOSS and Strava

If you record activities with XOSS, you can automatically upload your activities to Strava by connecting your accounts. Connect your XOSS account and Strava accounts through your settings on the XOSS mobile app. You can link several XOSS accounts to one Strava account.   
  • Find and connect your XOSS device in the XOSS App.
  • Once connected, select 'Connect with Strava' and Authorize the connection with your Strava account. You should see confirmation that the accounts were successfully connected.
  • Once connected, new activities will be synced directly to Strava from your connected XOSS device. You can view/disconnect Strava from XOSS through your XOSS app account settings.

Activities that will not transfer to Strava

  • Historical activities will not transfer over once you connect your account, so you will need to open a workout within XOSS App and then click on the upload/share button, which allows you to export the .fit file. and then upload the file manually to Strava.
  • Manually added activities.
  • For more information, please refer to XOSS's product manuals.
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