Trackhead and Strava

You can also automatically sync activities recorded with your Trackhead device to Strava.

Enabling Automatic Syncing

    1. Download the JER Connect app for Android, iOS, or web.
    2. Navigate to the “User Details” section of the JER Connect app. 
    3. Click the link account button next to “Strava”. 
    4. Follow the prompts to authorize the connection to your Strava account.

Once you’ve successfully connected your accounts, you will be able to start, stop, and cancel an activity recording from within the JER Connect app. The activity will be automatically synced to your Strava account. 

Syncing Individual Activities

If you don’t want to automatically sync all your activities, select the option to Turn off automatic activity synchronization to Strava. You will still be able to select the Export activity option on any activity you wish to sync to Strava. Enter an activity name and description if you wish and click Export.

Troubleshooting Syncing

If an activity recorded with your Trackhead device does not automatically sync to Strava, you can give the following a try:

    1. Find the missing activity in your list of exported activities. 
    2. Force another attempt at syncing by selecting the option to Resync.
    3. If re-syncing doesn’t work, select the option to download a GPX file. You can upload the GPX file from the Strava website.


Which configuration profile is recommended for tracking and Strava uploads?

From the JER Connect app, select device > Details > Configuration > choose Tracking Profile.

Why does JER Connect upload many short activities?

From the JER Connect app, select device > Details > Show menu > Strava. Set longer threshold periods for start-end detection.

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