Withings and Strava

You can automatically sync activities recorded with your Withings device to Strava.

  • Requirements
  • Automatically uploading
  • Uploading individual activities
  • What data will transfer to Strava


  • Compatible Withings devices: Steel HR, Steel HR Sport, Pulse HR, ScanWatch, and ScanWatch Horizon.
  • The latest version of the Withings Health Mate app
  • The latest firmware update for your device

Automatically Syncing your Withings Activities to Strava

  1. Log into your existing Withings Health Mate account or, if you don’t have one, create a new account.
  2. Tap Profile in the bottom right.
  3. Scroll until you see your Apps.
  4. Select Strava > Link with Strava.
  5. Enter the email and password attached to your Strava account.
  6. Accept the permissions. Specifically, you’ll need to allow the option for Sharing Workouts to Strava > Activate Sharing in order for activities to sync to Strava automatically.

Keep in mind that only future activities will be automatically uploaded to your Strava after you enable auto-sync. You can change your automatic share preference from within the Health Mate app at any time. Navigate Profile > Apps > Strava > and select Unlink Strava (at the very bottom).

Syncing Individual Withings Activities to Strava

There is no way to sync and/or export individual activities to Strava at this time.

What Data Will Transfer to Strava

While your Health Mate app will record and track other data, such as steps or sleep (through app tracking), this data is not transferable to Strava at this time. Only activities that are manually recorded with GPS will transfer. Below are the icons that indicate which activities will sync to Strava.

Recorded manually with a GPS device.  mceclip0.png

Recorded through the app automatically.    mceclip1.png



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