Student Plan

Strava offers a 50% discount on annual subscriptions to students. In most countries, if you're enrolled at an accredited college or university and 16 or older, then you’re eligible. In some countries, high schoolers are also eligible. Click here for more details on eligibility. 

How to Enroll

The student plan can only be purchased with a free Strava account on the Strava website and cannot be purchased through Google Play or Apple.

  1. You'll first need to verify your student status by following this link: We verify your enrollment status through a third-party service called SheerID. Learn more.
  2. Once your student status is verified, you’ll be led to a checkout page where you’ll be charged equal to half the cost of our subscription (cost varies by location). This has you covered for one full year.
    1. If you're eligible for a free trial, you can use the trial prior to starting the annual subscription. If the trial isn't canceled prior to the renewal date, a subscription at the discounted price will be activated.

In order to keep your student plan after the initial year you’ll need to re-verify your student eligibility at least 24 hours before your subscription renews. You will be notified in advance of your subscription renewal that re-verification is required and can re-verify here.


What if my student verification is rejected?

Contact SheerID's support team to confirm your eligibility.

Is there a monthly renewal option?

No, unfortunately, this discount is only for annual renewals.

What if I’m already a subscriber?

Unfortunately, if you have an active subscription, you won’t be able to take advantage of our student plan until your current subscription expires. 

What happens to my account when I graduate, leave school, or my student status expires?

When you subscribe, you lock in student pricing for one year. You can re-verify your eligibility when the year ends for a maximum of three additional years (four years total). If you can’t re-verify at the end of any one-year period, you’ll no longer have access to student pricing and will renew at the standard rate unless you cancel your subscription.

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