Oura and Strava

Connect your Oura Ring to Strava to automatically sync all your activities to your feed, see the bigger picture of your athletic life, and better understand how you’re progressing over time.

Connecting Strava and Oura

    1. From the Oura app, tap the top-left hamburger menu to reveal the left navigation menu.
    2. Tap Settings.
    3. Tap Other apps within the “Data sharing” section.
    4. Tap the Strava option in the “Available apps” section.
    5. Review details of what benefits the Strava integration will provide and then tap Continue
    6. Grant permission for Strava to access the user’s specified Oura data. You must enter your Strava login credentials to grant this access. 
    7. Receive confirmation that the integration was successful and configure the integration to either import only export only or import and export. By default, import and export will both be toggled ON.

Syncing From Strava to Oura

Once your accounts are connected and you’ve enabled imports, Stava activities will be automatically displayed as activity cards within the Oura app. Strava activities will count towards your activity goal and Activity Score in the Oura App.

Syncing From Oura to Strava

Once your accounts are connected and you’ve enabled imports, activities captured using the Workout Heart Rate (WHR) recording feature will automatically sync to Strava. Please be aware that manual and auto-detected activities recorded by Oura cannot be synced to Strava at this time.


Why is my activity missing an image?

    1. Be sure that you’ve enabled the Oura partner integration from this page on the Strava website or under Settings > Partner Integrations in the Strava app.
    2. If you do not have a Readiness Score for the day you may not receive your recap image.
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