lululemon Studio and Strava

Formally known as MIRROR, syncing your lululemon Studio and Strava Apps, will earn you Universal Health Score points for all your workouts, both on the Mirror and beyond! Please follow the steps below to get started.

Connecting Strava and lululemon Studio Mirror

    1. Visit the Settings tab in your lululemon Studio App.
    2. Select Connect to Strava.
    3. An authorization pop-up will appear. Here you can choose to:
      1. Upload your lululemon Studio activity to Strava.
      2. Import your Strava activity to lululemon Studio.
    4. Tap Authorize to confirm.
    5. You'll be prompted to confirm to sync your last 3 months of workout activity. If you do not wish to sync your previous lululemon Studio activities select Don’t Sync.

Updating Your Preferences

You may update your Strava preferences at any time by following the steps below:

    1. Navigate to the Settings tab in your lululemon Studio App.
    2. Select the Strava box.
    3. Here you can choose from the following options:
      1. Auto upload to Strava.
      2. Auto import from Strava.
      3. Disconnect Strava.

Please note that if you opt to disconnect your Strava account, this will not remove previously imported workouts from your "Activity" tab. Learn more about viewing workout history and deleting a workout here.

Syncing From lululemon Studio to Strava

You can automatically sync your lululemon Studio workouts to Strava by selecting this setting preference (see above.) If this option is turned off, you can still choose to manually add individual workouts to Strava by following these steps:

    1. Open the lululemon Studio App and visit the Activity tab.
    2. Tap the workout you'd like to upload to Strava.
    3. Select the upload icon in the top right corner of the screen to share your workout.
    4. On the new screen, select the option to Upload to Strava.


Why is my activity not appearing on Strava/not exporting from Strava into lululemon Studio? 

You can try the following steps to troubleshoot the issue:

    • Confirm your lululemon studio mirror and app are on the latest software versions:
      • See here for instructions to update.
      • Leave the mirror powered on and in sleep mode overnight to receive background updates. See here more for info about putting your mirror to sleep.
      • The next morning, turn your mirror off and on using the switch on the bottom.
    • Check your Settings:
      • Use the toggles for Auto upload to Strava or Auto import from Strava (under the Settings tab) as needed.
      • Toggle your preferred selection off and back on.
    • Uninstall & reinstall the lululemon Studio and/or Strava Apps:
      • Uninstall and reinstall the app from your phone/tablet.
      • If the issue persists, please also uninstall and reinstall the Strava app.
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