Verified Athlete Badges on Strava

Verified Badge on Strava

The Verified Badge shows the Strava community they’ve discovered a profile that will regularly upload activities and content - no matter how big or small - that inspire, motivate and support their active lives.  The badge exists to recognize public figures, noteworthy community builders, and influential individuals around the world.  Verification signals authenticity, notability, and influence.  A verified athlete badge does not imply an endorsement by Strava.

Who is eligible for the Strava Verified Badge?

Strava verifies well-known figures with mass public appeal in interest areas such as sports, government, business, fashion, media, music, and art. These individuals are generally but not always verified on other social networks, like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or LinkedIn.

Can I request a Verified Badge for my Strava Profile?

If you meet the below requirements, you can apply for the Strava Verified Badge by visiting and submitting an application. 

    • Your profile is public. It also uses your real name and includes a bio and a photo.
    • You are currently active on Strava. You upload the majority of your activities (at least 3 per month).
    • You are influential in your community. You strive to impact locally, globally, or in your sport.
    • You are a notable public figure. You must be a well-known, highly searched-for Strava profile (i.e. you are a recognized figure, a noteworthy community builder, or have well-known athletic and/or professional achievements).
    • You have only one Strava account. It should be easy to find the “real you”.
    • You adhere to our Community Standards. You also agree to actively work against discrimination in all forms in the Strava community.
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