Audio Announcements

The Strava app can provide real-time audio feedback on segment performance (for runs and rides) as well as split time updates (for runs only).

To enable Audio Announcements

  • Navigate to the record screen using the circular record button (center of the bottom toolbar)
  • Tap on the settings icon (highlighted below)
  • Tap on 'Audio Cues'
    • From here, you can set Audio Announcements to off, every half mile or kilometer, or every full mile or kilometer (depending on the units of measure set in your preferences).
    • The "Live Segment Performance" is a subscription feature and gives you real-time updates on segment results while recording. 
  • At this point, simply use Strava as normal during your recording; you'll receive periodic updates about your time and pace over your phone's speaker or your headphones.

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Not Hearing Audio Announcements?

  • Try reinstalling the Strava app and restarting your phone.
  • Double-check that your audio announcements settings are still enabled. Occasionally, your recording settings will be reset if you log out of the Strava app. 
  • Ensure that your media volume, not just your ringer volume, is turned up to an audible level.
    • Android phones often have three or four settings for volume. Try turning them all up.
    • iPhones have a control center where you can control media volume. To access the control center on iPhone X and later, swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen. On other models, swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen.
  • On Android phones, check your Text To Speech language options and confirm the preferred engine matches your system's language preference.
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