Feed Ordering

How It Works

To choose your feed ordering preference from the Strava mobile app, open your settings from the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Home, Groups, or You tab and select Feed Ordering. On the Strava website, from the drop-down menu under your profile picture, select Settings > Display Preferences > Feed Ordering. The setting you select will be applied to your feed on both the Strava website and the mobile app.

  • To access this setting, please make sure your app is up to date by downloading the latest version from iTunes or Google Play Store.
  • Any changes will apply only to new activities so you may not notice a difference at first. There is no way to reorder activities that were added to your feed before you changed your preference.
  • Activities from athletes you’ve favorited will appear towards the top of your feed regardless of which feed order you’ve chosen.
  • This setting will not be applied to your personal feed or your clubs' feeds. They are both ordered chronologically.

Feed Order Options

When you refresh your feed, any content you haven't seen before will be added to the top of the feed in the order you’ve chosen. Anything you’ve already seen will remain in the order in which you saw it.

  • Personalized: We order the items in your feed to ensure that you don't miss the items that matter most to you. This order is based on the kinds of activities you tend to interact with and the great efforts you may have missed.
  • Latest Activities: The feed is ordered chronologically by when new activities are finished. Be aware that some activities may seem out of order depending on when the activity was uploaded or if the activity’s privacy controls were updated.


Why is my feed not chronological even though I chose ‘Latest Activities’?

When you load the feed, any new activities are sorted chronologically. Here are some instances where it might not appear that way:

  • Activities are sorted by end time: Longer activities that started earlier will be sorted above shorter activities that started more recently.
  • Activities uploaded long after they were recorded: Activities are added to the feed when they are uploaded.
  • A recent change to the feed ordering setting: Changing the setting only affects activities uploaded after the change.
  • Changing an activity from private to public: Activities are added to the feed after they become public, which may be hours after they are uploaded.
  • Activities recorded in different time zones: Activities appear in their local time.
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