Your Year in Sport

The Year in Sport video is a personalized recap video for Strava members that highlights fun data insights, meaningful social engagements and stand-out moments from the past twelve months. See your biggest achievements, best memories and data highlights of 2018.

Why does my video show different statistics than my friend's?

The Year in Sport video is highly personalized in hopes of providing the most meaningful insights for each athlete. Your scenes and stats are shown based on the activities you upload, the amount of data on your profile, your preferred sport on the platform, etc.

Which activities are included in the final total distance?

The total distance is the sum of all activities on Strava and includes ones that do not appear in your profile totals. You’ll see a breakdown of each sport and then the total amount, including public, private and virtual activities that you uploaded in 2017.

Can I download my video?

Yes, you can download your video and share it on other social media platforms like Instagram.



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