Zwift Photos and Videos on Strava

Videos and photos automatically or manually captured during an activity on Zwift will sync to Strava along with your Zwift activity. One video between five and fifteen seconds and up to five photos, taken while Zwifting will automatically upload to Strava after saving your activity.


    • Connect your Zwift and Strava accounts using the instructions outlined here.
    • To upload videos, please make sure Video Screenshots are enabled in Zwift settings.
    • To upload photos, make sure Image Uploading is set to Always in Zwift settings.

Check out Zwift's help center for more information on system requirements, how to take screenshots, and more:

How it Works

Before saving your Zwift activity you have the option to pick which video and photos auto-upload.

From the Zwift Desktop App

    • Zwift will automatically pick one video to upload, but you may choose a different video. To pick another video you must first uncheck the video Zwift picked and then it will read Ignored. You are then able to pick a different video for upload.
    • For photos, click on the photos you wish to upload to Strava. Make sure you see Added and a green check mark. Click the Star icon in the upper left corner of the photo to make it the highlight photo on Strava.

From the Zwift Companion App

After your ride, use the touchscreen to choose which video and photos you want to upload. Touching the video or photo will either change the status of the video/photo to “Added” or “Ignored”.

Videos and screenshots taken during your Zwift session are saved locally on your mobile phone or desktop. You can manually add additional photos and videos from within Strava using the instructions outlined here.


My video and/or photos are not appearing in my Strava activity.

    • It can take eight to ten minutes for videos and images to appear.
    • To upload videos, please make sure you have Video Sharing enabled in your Zwift Settings.
    • To upload photos, please make sure Image Uploading is set to Always in your Zwift Settings.
    • If you are still not seeing videos or photos uploaded to your Strava account from Zwift, please try disconnecting and then reconnecting your Strava and Zwift accounts using the instructions found here. Confirm you have the correct settings enabled after reconnecting your accounts.

Can I make my video show up first instead of a photo?

Yes, to get a video to the front of the list and therefore visible in the feed, edit the activity and set the video as the highlight.

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