When Auto-Pause is enabled, the Strava iOS app will automatically pause when you are resting during your activity. Auto-pause alleviates the need to manually pause your activity each time you stop.

  • Enabling auto-pause
  • How it works
  • Troubleshooting problems with auto-pause

Enabling Auto-Pause

  • Select Record from the bottom navigation menu.
  • Select the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner and Auto-Pause on the next page.
  • Toggle auto-pause ON and OFF for runs only, rides only, both runs and rides, or neither.

How Auto-Pause Works

Auto-Pause ON

Auto-pause for cycling uses GPS movement to automatically detect when you are at rest. It's important to note that the app will only pause when you're completely stopped. Once you begin moving again, Auto-pause will turn off. Because this feature is GPS-based, it's important to note that if you are taking a break to go indoors or someplace where the GPS line of sight is obscured, you should use the manual pause feature to prevent any miscalculations. Cycling auto-pause will be on by default but can be turned off on your settings page. 

Auto-[ause for running is motion-based and uses your accelerometer to automatically detect when you are at rest. Athletes will hear audio announcements for auto-pause events if they have split announcements on or Live Segment audio enabled.

Auto-Pause OFF 

If you choose to turn auto-pause off, Strava will calculate your moving and resting time during the upload process instead of during the activity. 

For Runs with auto-pause disabled, we will do server-side resting time calculations (per above) unless there are manual pause events. If there are manual pause events, we assume that you want to control the time and will calculate moving time with respect to timer time instead.

Have problems with Auto-Pause?

Typically, problems with auto-pause are actually caused by problems with your GPS or other location services. The simplest fix is to turn your phone off then back on again and flip your GPS or location services off then back on. You may also want to review our Troubleshooting GPS Issues and try those fixes as well. If you continue to have problems please proceed with submitting a support ticket. 

Keep in mind that if you manually pause the app, you must manually resume the app before continuing your activity, even if you have auto-pause enabled. 

To share your feedback and discuss troubleshooting tips, please see this article

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  • I think this is why tonight's ride didn't record, "Keep in mind that if you manually pause the app, you must manually resume the app before continuing your activity, even if you have auto-pause enabled. "
    Thank you for the help.

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  • I don't have that option on my I Phone 6. I have iOS 9.3.3. Is auto pause a premium feature?

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  • This wiped out my last two rides by auto-pausing in the time it took me to start the activity, put the phone in my pocket and then start moving. It clearly wasn't working properly as it did not kick back in once I was moving. I've turned it off and will let you know if my next ride records OK. If not then I'll seriously have to reconsider using strava - quite self-destructive having a feature that can negate the whole purpose of your app...

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  • I have had several rides where it didn't record at all. Zero. Yesterday, I started recording, watched the timer tick off the first few seconds to be SURE it was working, then slipped my phone into my pocket and headed out. When I finished my ride an hour later it showed a ride of zero feet and zero duration. What the heck!!!

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  • I think that when having Auto-Pause enabled for running, it takes about 5-10 seconds to start recording since you start running. Could anyone confirm?

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  • for me, I have to climb alot during my ride and if the speed downs to <5kmph then strava may find you are resting and went to auto pause even if you are riding. it may take few minutes to auto start again. that causes for distance count missing 

    so if you are riding slowly, or climbing , and you are not that difficult to manual start and pause, then go for it..
    TURN OFF AUTO PAUSE for better result

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  • Auto pause is not working well for me (riding). It seems to be not pausing my rides while I'm sitting at stop lights, so segments show 3 minute times and avg speeds 3.4mph which is incorrect. The avg speeds differ than my bike computer, and ride times are always longer.

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  • Auto pause seems to be causing my problems too. I rode 20 miles last night and strava recorded 6. The map shows my route but the mileage and time for the activity is incorrect. If your app doesn't work properly you should provide a way to edit the activity. I'm about ready to delete the app. iPhone 7 plus and 1st generation apple watch.

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  • Same here. When auto-pause enabled it did not record the second section of the ride, which showed up in the Apple Health app. Is the raw log accessible? Is there a way to put those back to strava?

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  • Just want to also chime in here too. Recently (maybe the past month or two?) I have lost significant portions of my runs due to spontaneous gaps in the tracking. It looks like it's working but then when I finish my run I notice that it had cut out part way through. It's very frustrating as a long-time user of Strava that auto-pause used to work well and now it no longer does so.

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