Health App Integration

Strava can be integrated with the iOS Health App

How to Link your Accounts

To connect Strava to the Apple Health App, navigate to More -> Settings -> Applications, Services, and Devices (1)

After clicking to connect, you'll be taken to the Health Access page where you can enable the sharing of data from Strava to Health. You can control which types of information Strava will read and write to Health.

Strava can receive some data from Health such as birthday, gender, and weight. That data will be pushed to Strava as often as it changes in Health. 

Strava will also send data to Heath such as activity type, distance, time, and calories. These details will be sent to Health only when the data is downloaded from the server. First force close Health and then trigger data syncing by scrolling through the "You" feed in the Strava app. 

 NOTE: You MUST enable "Workouts" for sharing of any data (cycling, running, calories, etc.) to work
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After the initial set up, you can modify Strava's Health Access by going into the Health app and clicking on Sources > Strava.


Seeing duplicate entries of Strava data in Health?

Unfortunately troubleshooting these types of problems with the Health app is very difficult and in most cases, were unable to reproduce the issue.

Please try the following steps:

  1. In Health, turn off all sources for each of the data types (Active Calories, Cycling Distance, Walking + Running Distance, Workouts).

  2. Close the Health app and the Strava app.

  3. Start Health app again and turn all Strava sources back on, including the Workouts option.

  4. Startup Strava, go to the "You" feed and pull down to refresh. Then scroll down through that feed to view past activities which allow that data to be pulled from the Strava servers and passed into the Health app.

If that doesn't work, you may have to delete and reinstall the Strava app. You won't lose any data if you do this because it's all stored on the Strava servers (and when prompted to remove Health-related data, say yes). To get entries back into Health app, go to settings after reinstalling Strava and enable Health sharing.


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  • Still not passing any workouts to the App.

  • Still getting duplicate entries for every ride in the Health app.

  • Are there any plans to allow Strava to write heart rate data to iOS Health App?

  • Seems to be working, the Apple Health category of "Active Minutes" is correctly populated from this mornings run which was recorded in Strava. However, my "Active Energy" aka calories burnt doing exercise, is not updated. Looking into my Active Energy details, Strava has sent data over in the last couple days, but nothing yet.

  • I've deleted the Strava App, and all of it's data saved in the Health app three times now, and I've even restored my iPhone in between the second and third try. Strava continues to submit duplicate entries into the Health app for Cycling Distance and Workouts - rendering the data completely useless unless I care to delete four to eight duplicate entries for every single workout, multiple times per week. Please someone fix this!

  • Still seeing duplicates for most rides, sometimes even triples, in the health app. Clicking on the details for the entry, shows each duplication to have the same "External UDID."

    This has been happening for over a year, and the best we've gotten is they are aware of it, but not solid info and what is going on or if it will be fixed. Makes using the health app with Strava useless. This feature works fine in competitive products like Ride with GPS. And yes, I have tried the "delete" app, reinstall, scroll through everything again, multiple times. It works for about a day before tons of duplicates start showing up again.

    Also, once iOS 10 is out, these duplicates are going to pollute the "Workouts" tab of the activity app (since it has added health integration), making them much more noticeable to anyone with an Apple Watch.

  • It began after I did a ride in the US. I wonder whether it's a timezone problem.

  • Still does not send heart rate info to iPhone Health are there any plans to include this?

  • It would be great i a fix for this could be prioritised. It is incredibly frustrating not getting accurate info here.

  • Since updating to iOS 10 and iWatch 3.0 all is now resolved data caputured in Strava is pushed to the health app and syncs with iwatch

  • Still having issues. Strava syncs distance and time, but not calories.

  • Unfortunately even after the update to Watch OS 3 and iOS 10 Strava is duplicating rides in the Apple health app. I can clear them using the steps above by reinstalling Strava but they soon start duplicating again.

  • same issue. not passing calories through...

  • Installed iOS 10. Duplicate entries still not fixed. I get them pretty much every day.

    Unable to reproduce the issue? Really?

  • Strava doesn't upload heart rate data. Is this on your roadmap? Or am I Mossi g something? Would be great if it did.

  • No swim data being read from Health app into Strava, period.

  • Also no way to share from Health app to Strava; Strava iOS app does not have a share sheet unlike many other apps

  • It works as described for me. I really like the integration so that runs that I have loaded to Strava are automatically counted in Apple's activities app. Please find a way for runs recorded on Apple Watch 2 using Apple's workouts app to be transferred to Strava. The data is in the Health database, please build the conduit so that it works as nicely as the Garmin Connect conduit works. Thanks

  • Was working for a while, now not again. Runs log twice in health. Uninstalling and messing about with settings each time is pointless when deleting the duplicate from health is quicker. Plenty of people see this, how hard can it be to fix it?

  • Strava reads birthday from Health, but it's always 1 day behind. Any fix?

  • My data stopped being read by Health in August. Tried all the delete/reinstall suggestions. Still doesn't work. Before that I was getting duplicate entries. Thinking of moving apps as there seems to be no fix for this. Any update?

  • I can't see how you are unable to recreate when so many users are facing problems. For me some days have the same entry 6 times and are missing another ride totally. Have tried all the above steps, but the issue just comes back. Would imagine a staffer in Strava must have the same issue.

  • I've had an open ticket on the duplicate issue for two weeks; only response is they don't have time to look at it. I've also tried deleting individual workouts, deleting all data and even deleting app. Problem keeps coming back.

  • Same issue for over a year. No point in offering Apple Health integration if it posts between 2 and 8 copies every time. It's absurd that I have to go through them every week and waste time deleting the entries. Remind me why I'm paying for a Premium service again?

  • Same problem here. Healthkit is great but random duplicate cycle rides is making me think Strava isn't the best app for it to get its data from. A real shame as the problem looks to have Ben around for a while with no fix. I did wonder if it was linked to editing rides like adding a title or changing the bike, but I didn't edit today's and ended up with 4 duplicates.

  • Come on Strava. Please look into this with some priority.

  • It's not linked to editing data. I haven't touched any data and still get duplicates regularly.

  • Tried all suggested reinstall apps etc etc as above and still no data being pulled from Strava to Health iPhone app. Any further suggestions

  • Still getting duplicate entries. I record my rides using a Garmin Edge 1000 which uploads to Garmin Connect. This then syncs with Strava and then finally to the Health App. I don't use the Strava app on my phone.

  • Hello everyone - we're still working to troubleshoot the issue with duplicate entries appearing in health. It's currently being worked on but the solution is more complicated that it first appears. Thanks for your patience.

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