Moving your activity history from Runkeeper to Strava

To transfer your activities from Runkeeper to Strava, you can export your activity history in bulk from Runkeeper and upload them to Strava in groups of 25 from our Upload page. Athletes who are not subscribed to Strava can upload in groups of 15.

    1. In your Runkeeper account, hover over the Settings icon in the top right corner of any page (Gear image) and click on Account Settings.
    2. From the options on the left side of the page, click on Export Data.
    3. Select the date range for the Runkeeper activities you'd like to be exported. A zip file will then be generated after some time, including your activity history for the selected dates. 
    4. Once the file is generated, click on the button to "Download Now."
    5. Unzip the file. 
    6. Log in to your account on Strava.
    7. Click Upload from the top right of any page and then "From File" and browse to select the file(s) from the unzipped file.
    8. Name your activities, and adjust the activity types as necessary.
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