Automatically uploading to Strava from your TomTom device

Use TomTom MySports Connect to link with Strava and automatically upload your new activities.


From TomTom Support:

When you connect your TomTom Sports device to MySports Connect on your computer or to the MySports mobile app, your new activities are automatically uploaded to MySports. You can also choose to automatically upload your activities to other 3rd party applications or save them on your computer in various file types.

To configure the export of your activities in MySports, follow these steps:

    1. Go
    2. Click the + next to the exporter you wish to add.
    3. To configure automatic export of your activities to a 3rd party application, go to Select your Sports Sites, select the application, click Log in and log in to the application of your choice.
    4. To configure automatic backup of your activities on your computer, go to Save to your Computer and select a file type.


Once an export to a new 3rd party application or file type is added, all new activities are also transferred to that application or your computer in the selected file type. Note: Files cannot be generated using the MySports mobile app. You can only generate files by connecting to MySports Connect on your computer.


To Automatically Save TomTom activities to your computer: 

When you connect your TomTom Sports device to MySports Connect on your computer, you can choose to save your activities on your computer automatically in .FIT, .TCX or .GPX. 


Trouble syncing your activities? 

TomTom Discussions offer some user advice and tips

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  • I have auto uploads to Strava from my Tom Tom watch but it shows significant errors. I sometimes deliberately don't pause my watch when running and stop for a few minutes and am happy with the total elapsed time and distance covered. I just noticed from a run yesterday that Strava has not only shortened the time but lopped half a mile off the distance! I can't share this data to Facebook if it shows I didn't actually complete the distance! How do I fix this?

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