Strava Routes

With the Strava Route Builder, you can create a running or cycling route and then follow the route on your supported device. You can star a Strava route created by someone else and save the route to your profile under Routes or My Routes

How to Create a New Route:

From the Strava website, navigate to the Dashboard menu and select My Routes. On the My Routes page, you’ll have access to all the routes you’ve both created and starred. To create a new route, click the Create New Route button near the top of the My Routes page.  In the Route Builder tool you will be able to select activity type as well as many other parameters, add endpoints and waypoints, and view information and statistics about your route. You can make a route private before you save it, just click Save then check the box next to "private". You can make it public at a later time by editing the route, clicking Save again and unchecking the private checkbox. Once you’ve created a route, share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, via email, or with your followers on Strava. 

How to Create A Route From An Activity:

You can also turn any activity into a route by clicking the Wrench menu from an activity page on the website and selecting Create Route. Keep in mind that you won't be able to create a route from activities that belong to Enhanced Privacy athletes you are not following. 


Exporting and Following Routes:

You can use a Strava route for navigation while recording an activity. 

  • For compatible Garmin devices, you can export the route file manually as a GPX or TCX depending on what your device will accept. When your Garmin device is connected to your computer, copy and paste the route file into the "NewFiles" folder when browsing your Garmin. For some Garmin devices, you can sync Strava routes automatically
  • From the Strava app for iPhone or Android, create or star a route as explained above. Then, navigate to the record screen in the app. Click the route icon and from the list of routes select Use Route. This will load the route on the record screen for navigation. Tap the route icon again to switch or clear the route. Should you need to head back early, the Route Back to Start feature will plot the most efficient path back to the start of your activity. 
  • You can also create a printer-friendly cue sheet for each route. They fold up neatly to be stowed away in a jersey pocket or jacket.

Editing and Deleting Routes:

To edit or delete a route, click the wrench icon in the top-right corner of the intended Route and select either Edit Route or Delete Route from the menu that appears.  From this menu, you can also duplicate a route if you'd like to make changes while saving a copy of the original.

Report a Map or Route problem:

There’s so much more we’d like to do with Routes on Strava. Over time, we’ll be improving our maps in order to make routing better and better. Sometimes you’ll find that the Route Builder’s maps are missing trail or road data and you won’t be able to create the route you want. This will continue to improve, but we want to hear from you when you’re having trouble. We’ve built an error reporting tool into the Route Builder so you can share information with us when things don’t go as expected. To report a map or route problem, select the error icon in the lower left of the Route builder. 


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