Personal Heatmaps

Strava subscribers can create personal heatmaps to visualize the ground they've covered worldwide. You can access your heatmap from both the Strava website and mobile app. 

From the Strava website:

Click on Maps from the top navigation menu. Use the main sport type selector to pick a sports group you want to view your heatmap for. The following sports types will be included in each grouping: 

  • All: All your activities. (Excludes virtual activities)
  • All Foot Sports: Run, Trail Run, Walk, Hike.
  • All Cycle Sports: Ride, Handcycle, Wheelchair, Velomobile, E-Bike Ride, Mountain Bike Ride, Gravel Bike Ride, E-Mountain Bike Ride.
  • All Water Sports: Swim, Kitesurf, Windsurfing, Kayaking, Rowing, Stand Up Paddling, Surfing, Canoeing, Sailing.
  • All Winter Sports: Alpine Ski, Backcountry Ski, Ice Skate, Nordic Ski, Snowboard, and Snowshoe.
  • Virtual Sports: Run, Ride, Row.
  • Other Sports: Badminton, Golf, Handcycle, Inline Skate, Pickleball, Rock Climb, Roller Ski, Skateboard, Football (Soccer), Tennis, and Wheelchair.

Click the down arrow next to Personal Heatmap at the top of the screen to further customize your heatmap. You can:

    • Select which color heat your activities create.
    • Control whether or not you'd like to include activities with privacy controls set to "only you," hidden portions of your activities, activities tagged as commutes, or show your activity photos and videos across your map.
    • Turn your activity cluster on or off. 
    • Choose whether you'd like to view all of your activities or specify a date range.

Activity Photos and Videos on Heatmap:

On the Strava website, you can layer your activity photos onto your heatmap. Click on ‘Personal Heatmap’ from the top of the screen on your heatmap page, and toggle ‘Show Your Photos and Videos’ on. Photos from your activities will appear across your heatmap from the GPS location where they were taken. You can click on any photo and select ‘View Activity’ to go directly to the activity details page. 

The photos and heat shown on your map correspond to the sport type selected in the sport picker. Your photos also correspond to the date ranges selected. If you filter your Personal Heatmap to a specific date range, the photos shown will match that date range. You are also able to hide photos taken near your hidden addresses by toggling “Show Hidden Addresses” off.  Please be aware that this is only available on the Strava website and not on the app. 

Global Heatmap:

The Personal Heatmap is now visible alongside the Global Heatmap. You can toggle one or both of these on to view your activity heat alongside heat created by the global Strava community. To learn more about the Global Heatmap, click here.

From the Strava mobile app:

You can overlay your heatmap on the map found on the Maps tab. Select the layering icon on the right-hand side to open your Map Settings.


Tap Edit next to "My Heatmap" to customize the heatmap overlay.

    • By default, the heatmap will include all sport types. Tap the sports dropdown menu to specify which sport(s) to include.
    • Choose whether you'd like to view all of your activities from a custom date range or activities from a specific year.
    • Choose the color of your "heat."
    • You can control whether or not you'd like to include activities with privacy controls set to "only you," hidden portions of your activities, or activities tagged as commutes.

After you've made your changes, select the "X" icon to return to the overall map settings. Toggle your heatmap on or off and select the "X" icon to return to the map.


I turned the photos and videos feature on, but nothing is showing up on my map OR I have some media that is missing. Why is this?

It is important to check your photo settings on your smartphone, to make sure the location data is turned on and your photos have a location tag. Without the GPS data, your photos will not appear on your heatmap.

There is a possibility that, due to a previous technical issue, all the photos you have uploaded to Strava are not present in the photo browser. If you notice a photo is missing, you can try to upload it again to the original activity

Who can see my heatmaps?

You can only see your heatmaps. There is no way to export or share your heatmaps from the Strava website; however, you may capture your screenshots using your device's built-in screen capture functionality.


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