Personal Heatmaps (Summit)

Summit members can create personal Heatmaps to visualize the ground they’ve covered around the world.

From your Profile on, click on the Heatmaps tab to get started:

1. Pick your sport and date range for the activities you want to be included in your Heatmap.

2. Click Generate and your list of personal Heatmaps will appear below.

3. Click View to see your Heatmap. Move to a region or zoom in to share that particular Heatmap via Facebook and Twitter. Share the URL with a smaller group of friends via email.

You can create up to 10 Heatmaps at a time. Generate an all-time view, yearly view, or set custom date ranges for your Heatmap.

Runs and rides with privacy controls set to "followers" or "everyone" will be included in your Heatmaps. Runs and rides with privacy controls set to "only you" will not be included in your heatmap. Any runs or rides within any privacy zones you've set will be hidden from your Heatmaps. Your Heatmaps can only be seen by you unless they are shared.


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