Adding Gear to your activities on Strava

Strava can help you track how much you use your favorite gear. 

  • From your account on the Strava website, hover over your profile picture in the upper right corner and select Settings. Select My Gear from the menu on the left side of the page.
  • Click Add Bike or Add Running Shoes to add new gear.
    • Give your bike a name and then choose the type. Enter the weight, brand, and model as well as any notes you want to add. Strava uses your bike's weight to calculate power.
    • Select the shoe brand from the list and then add any additional information such as the model, nickname, and notes. If your shoe brand is not on the list, contact us with your request. 
  • Click the radio button for whichever gear you want to be your default gear. Any ride or run uploaded will automatically default to this gear. You can manually change your gear at any time.
  • Hover over the specific Gear entry to see options to Retire or Delete. Retiring will leave the bike or shoes on your list, but they will no longer show as an option for any activity. 

Adding Bike Components

Once you’ve added a bike, you can add components to keep a detailed log of every part of your bike:

  1. Click on the name of the bike you wish to add components to and click Add Component on the right.
  2. Select the component type from the list.
  3. Then enter the brand, model, and weight (you can estimate the weight if you don’t know it.)
  4. You can keep detailed track of mileage for each component and even edit dates as you replace and/or upgrade.
  5. Designate when the component was added.
  6. Add any notes you wish for this component and click Save.


Can people who aren't following me see my gear (e.g. which bike I used) and the time of my ride or run?

No. Your gear and time of ride/run are only displayed to people who are following you.

The total distance on my gear looks incorrect.

There are a few things that may delay or prevent gear totals from updating. If your total distance still looks inaccurate a few hours after an update, proceed with submitting a support ticket.

I'm not able to edit the capitalization of my shoe model.

Models will retain the capitalization that was used by the first athlete who entered the model into Strava.

Can I manually add mileage to my gear?

You can only add mileage to your gear if the mileage on that gear is recorded on Strava. You can't manually set the gear mileage.

  • If your activities for your gear are on Strava then you can go to the My Activities page and edit your previous activities to set the correct gear for those activities.
  • For activities not on Strava, it is not currently possible to add that mileage to your bike or running shoes. The only way to accomplish this will be to create a manual activity assigned to that gear item to account for its pre-Strava mileage.
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