Adding Gear to your activities on Strava

Strava can help you track how much you use your favorite gear.

Not sure how many miles are on that chain? Wondering if you’re ready for a new mountain bike? Need to make sure you replace your trail runners every 300 miles?

Follow the below steps to add Gear to your account:

  1. From any Strava page, hover over your Name in the upper right corner, and then select “Settings” (A) then "My Gear" (B) from the left side of the page
  2. Decide whether you’re adding a bike, or running shoes, and click “Add Bike” or “Add Running Shoes” (C)


  • For Shoes: Enter the brand and model in the appropriate fields. You can use the auto-fill to see if we already have your shoes in our database. If we don’t, let us know at and we’ll add them!
  • For Bikes: Give you bike a name (perhaps it already has one?). Then choose the type; you can select Road Bike, Mountain Bike, TT Bike or Cross Bike. Enter the weight, Brand and Model as well as any notes you want to add (Brand, Model and notes are optional). 
 Strava uses your bike's weight as an integral part of our Power Calculations, so updating this information can be important.
Make Default: Click the radio button for whichever gear you want to be your default gear.  Any ride or run uploaded will automatically default to this gear unless specified otherwise. You can change your gear when you upload your ride/run from your Garmin device, or by editing your activity from the activity page.
Retire or Delete: Hover over the specific Gear entry to see options to Retire or Delete. Retiring will leave the bike or shoes in your list, but they’ll be “Retired” and will no longer show as an option for any activity. 
Adding Components: Once you’ve added a bike, you can add components to keep a detailed log of every part of your bike:
  1. Click on the name of the bike you wish to add components to and click Add Component on the right
  2. Select the Component Type from the list
  3. Then enter the Brand, Model and weight (you can estimate the weight if you don’t know it)
  4. You can keep detailed track of mileage for each component and even edit dates as you replace and/or upgrade.
  5. Designate when the component was Added On by selecting Since Beginning, Today or you can select a Date.
  6. Add any Notes you wish for this component, click “Save” and you’re done!
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