Live Suffer Score on Garmin devices

What is it?
Premium athletes can now see live Suffer Scores during activity recordings on their Garmin Connect IQ capable devices
What devices? 
Edge 520
Edge 820
Edge Explore 820
Edge 1000
Edge Explore 1000
fēnix 3
fēnix 3 HR
fēnix 5
Forerunner 230
Forerunner 235
Forerunner 630
Forerunner 735XT
Forerunner 920XT
vívoactive HR
Do I need an HR monitor?
Yes, either a paired ANT+ HR sensor or built-in optical sensor on a Garmin.
How do I get it?
You can visit the ConnectIQ store page here. It comes preinstalled on the 735xt device or you can download the Strava Suffer Score Connect IQ App page. It is a data field you have to install into a screen. The data field category is “ConnectIQ” - it will be like adding a sensor field but nested under the Connect IQ list.
If you use the full screen view, you can see the time spent in each heart rate zone along with your score. If you use a split view, you will see your Suffer Score value.
Do I have to configure anything?
Your Garmin ConnectIQ HR Zones have to match your Strava HR Zones:
A couple things to note: 
  • You will see your Suffer Score on your watch, but if you're not a Strava Premium subscriber - it will not appear in your activity details.
  • For indoor and stationary activities:
    • Runs track data with a Foot pod.
  • Bike will need a speed sensor to compute the score. If you do not record with a speed sensor, you're not going to be able to get your score.
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