How to Report a Photo or Video Shared without Consent

If a shared photo or video (also known as 'media') of you violates your privacy, such as it being shared without your consent, you can report it to us here and provide relevant information to support your case. Strava also offers you a way to report media on the app and website by clicking on the Report option. 

Who can make these reports?

We will accept reports from you if the reported media involves you, your child (if they are under 13 years old), or someone you have the legal authority to represent. For children over the age of 13, we will require them to submit the report themselves. 

If the media you are reporting involves someone else, we will require them to contact us directly. 

What kind of information do we need from you?

To verify these requests, we will need:

    • A link to the profile you are reporting and/or the location of the media.
    • A copy of your photo ID.
    • If submitting a request on behalf of somebody else, you are legally authorized to represent: Official documentation establishing you're the next of kin or legal representative (for example, birth certificate of a child, power of attorney, etc.).

What happens after I submit my request?

The Trust & Safety team will review your case and make a determination in accordance with our policies. As much as possible, you should provide sufficient information when you submit your report, such as the location of the content, URLs to the profile, etc.

Deceased athletes

We have a process for removing accounts of deceased athletes. You can learn more here.

For more information

Visit our Privacy Policy page to learn about Strava's privacy approach. If you would like to report intellectual property infringement, please click here.

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