No Movement Detected on Apple Watch

If you're receiving a message on your Apple Watch app that says "No Movement Detected" it could be that the Watch isn't getting a proper GPS signal while activity is being recorded. When the activity has finished without GPS data, the app will mistakenly think that no movement was detected. We rely on GPS data to process your activity, without this information, an activity can have issues syncing to our server. You may still see data during your activity that is coming from the Watch's pedometer. Apple's Activity app uses the watch's accelerometer to record data, so this will function even if GPS hasn't been acquired. To prevent this in the future,

  • Wait until you're outdoors to open the Strava Watch app and wait for about a minute until you start an activity. This will allow the Watch to collect a stronger GPS signal which will prevent these discrepancies from occurring.
  • Try uninstalling/reinstalling the Strava app on both your iPhone and Apple Watch.
    • Use the Watch app located on your iPhone to force an uninstall of the Strava Watch app. Note that it may take some time for the app to be fully uninstalled from the Watch face.
    • Confirm the app has been uninstalled from the Watch.
    • Uninstall the Strava app from your iPhone.
    • Force close all apps on the iPhone.
    • Restart the Watch and iPhone.
    • Download and install the Strava app on the iPhone.
    • Confirm you are logged into the Strava app.
    • Confirm the Strava app has been installed on the Apple Watch.
    • Unlock the display on the iPhone and load the Strava Apple Watch app.
    • Watch for and approve prompts on both devices.
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