Relative Effort on Suunto devices

Strava subscribers can see Live Relative Effort during activity recordings on their Suunto devices.

Compatible Devices

    • Suunto 5
    • Suunto 9

Enabling Live Relative Effort

You will need to enter the same maximum heart rate or custom heart rate zones in your Suunto watch as they appear in Strava in order to get the same score when viewing the activity on your Strava account.

    • To do this on your watch, navigate to Settings > Training > Intensity Zones > Default Zones.
    • Use your max heart rate and heart rate zones in your Strava profile settings.

To enable live Relative Effort:

    • On your watch, go to Exercise.
    • Select the sport you want to record (i.e. running or cycling.)
    • When you are in the specific sport mode, open options.
    • Select Sports Apps.
    • Enable Strava.
    • Go back and start the exercise.
    • During exercise, use the middle button to switch screens until you see the Strava Relative Effort screen (as seen below).
    • The Strava display now shows the real-time Relative Effort value and Duration.
    • You can review your Relative Effort score in the activity summary on the watch and then on 


Can free Strava athletes take advantage of Live Relative Effort?

You will see your Relative Effort on your device, but if you're not a Strava subscriber, it will not appear in your activity details.

Can I get Live Relative Effort if I'm recording indoor or stationary activities?

Yes, indoor cycling and treadmill recordings do not need extra sensors.

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