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Using Strava on an older iPhone: We recently made a necessary update to the Strava platform that will affect the mobile app experience for a number of athletes. Here’s what you need to know:

  • What’s changed? Strava for iPhone now requires iOS 11.0 or later in order to get the full range of features. Unfortunately, iPhone models 5C and earlier aren’t compatible with the newer operating systems and won’t be able to support the Strava app as they have in the past. Devices with iOS 10 as the last compatible operating system (iPhone 5C and earlier) can continue to use the Strava app if it was downloaded prior to our recent changes. However, no Strava app updates will be available and you may lose access to certain features or functionality. For example:
    • You won’t be able to give kudos or delete newer activities.
    • You won’t be able to access segments, kudos, photos, or comments.
  • Why did you make this change? In order to record all the workouts Strava athletes upload, we had to add more unique numbers to label each of your efforts. Our old 32-digit labels worked till the community hit just over 2 billion activities, and then a switch to the new 64-digit labels was necessary. Unfortunately, older operating systems don’t accommodate the 64-digit labels, so athletes who use older iPhones will feel these growing pains more than others. We don’t take changes like these lightly and we’re committed to keeping Strava accessible to the largest number of athletes possible. Know that no matter what mobile device you’re using, your data is secure and remains available on the Strava website.

Which iPhones are fully compatible with the Strava app?

iPhones that can support iOS 11.0 and later can download and run the most recent version of the Strava app. This includes iPhone 5S and later models.

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