How the Strava Feed Works

The Strava feed presents activities, posts, challenge joins, and challenge completions in an order based on what we think is most interesting to you

We've been collecting feedback from the athletes about the non-chronological feed through surveys and interviews. Learn more about our research and how we used our findings to inform our decisions when building the feed here and here. Feel free to Send us your feedback

How it Works

Every Strava athlete gets a personalized feed; we order the items in your feed to ensure that you don't miss the items that matter most to you.

When you refresh your feed, any content you haven't seen before will be added to the top of the feed, presented in an order based on the items that should be most interesting to you. Anything you've already seen will remain in the order in which you saw it. We don't hide any activities from you - they're all in your feed.

Your experience may be different if you check your feed every day or once a week. For example, if you are someone who checks their Strava feed multiple times a day, your feed will be closer to chronological as we only reorder the items that are new since the last time you viewed your feed. If you are someone that only checks the feed once every few days, you'll have more stories to catch up on so your feed will be ordered accordingly.


Can I revert back to the chronological feed?

There is no way to revert to a chronological feed

Will this change affect my club or personal feed?

No, your personal feed and your clubs' feeds will still be chronological

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