Public Photos on Routes

Strava includes public photos on both saved and suggested routes of all sport types to help members of the Strava community better understand the route they plan on taking. These photos can provide more information on recent trail conditions, viewpoints, tree coverage, and much more, ultimately helping Strava users get a better sense of whether a route meets their needs and draw inspiration while planning their next adventure.

How it Works

Strava subscribers can view photos on both Strava community routes and their saved routes. Open the Maps tab from the bottom navigation menu of the Strava mobile app and select the icon to the right of the search bar to view your saved routes. Select Routes at the top of the screen to browse or generate Strava community routes. 

Tap on the relevant route to view associated photos. Scroll through the photos and tap on a photo if you’d like to see a fullscreen view and more detail on when the photo was taken.

Opting in or out of Community Photo Usage

You can control whether you’d like to make your photos available to the community (subject to your privacy controls - see below) by following these steps on the Strava mobile app. Any changes to this setting will be applied to all photos you’ve previously uploaded to your Strava and all photos you upload moving forward.

    1. Open your Settings from the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the You tab and select Privacy Controls.
    2. Tap Public Photos on Routes.
    3. Choose whether or not to allow Strava to use photos on routes.

Which Photos Are Shared With the Community?

If you’ve opted in, photos that meet all of the following criteria may appear on public routes: 

Please be aware that selected photos will not be associated or linked with the photo uploader's account or activity from the route page. In addition, we aim to exclude photos that contain identifiable faces or specific gear (a bike, for example).

If would like to exclude a photo from consideration for public photos on routes or remove one of your photos from a public route, you may do so by: 

Providing Feedback on Route Photos

Use the thumbs up or thumbs down icon at the bottom of the photo to indicate whether or not the photo was helpful to you. This helps us determine which photos are most helpful for the community so we can improve the feature.

If you would like to report a photo that violates our Community Standards or Terms of Service, please refer to these instructions. If you would like to tell us more about your report, follow the instructions to contact our Trust & Safety team from the Contact Us section at the end of this article.

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