Strava Live Segments on Suunto

Live segments you have created or starred on Strava can automatically sync to your Suunto device.


Unfortunately, the Suunto 5 Peak, Suunto 3, and Suunto 7 watches will not be compatible.

Connecting your Accounts

    1. Navigate to your Suunto app's settings.
      1. On Android, select Settings > Account > Connect to other services.
      2. On iOS, select Profile > Connect to other services.
    2. Connect to Strava. You will be prompted to log into your Strava account or create an account if you do not have one.
    3. Accept that the Suunto app can connect to your Strava account.
    4. After syncing your next workout with the Suunto app, it will be automatically transferred to Strava.

You can learn more about Suunto and Strava here.

Turning on Live Segments from the Suunto app

Once your Strava account is connected to your Suunto device, you can open the Suunto app to turn on live segments. 

    1. Tap the watch icon on the top right of the screen and select My SuuntoPlus Guides.
    2. Toggle on Strava Segments for both ride and run activities.

If your segments are not being displayed in Suunto, make sure that they are starred in Strava and the syncing status of your watch in the Suunto app to ensure that it is not in the process of syncing.

Please note only 20 segments can be synced to the Suunto 9 Peak Pro at a time and only 5 segments for all other compatible devices. To remove a segment, you will need to remove the star from it on your Strava account.

Enabling Live Segments Before Starting an Activity

    1. Tap the watch icon on the top right of the screen.
    2. Select exercise sport type > options > SuuntoPlus Guides.
    3. Select either run or ride segments depending on sport type and start exercise.

Live Segments During an Activity

After selecting the activity type and segment guide, press the start button to begin the activity. You can change to the Live Segments screen, which will show you the nearest starred segments to your current location. Your Suunto watch will not automatically switch to the live segment screen. 

To track your time, pace, and distance on the segment, you have to change to the live segment screen manually. At the end of the segment, you will see your preliminary finish time. Pressing lap or having auto-lap on during a segment will cause the end segment time to be displayed incorrectly.

Your Suunto device will alert you as you get close to your segment and again once you start the segment. If you go off course, your Suunto device will send you an alert and end your segment effort. The segment notification does not specify which segment is nearby or in what direction you need to go to find it. Additionally, you cannot switch between segments that are nearby or are currently going.

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