Why Doesn't My Segment Effort Appear on the Leaderboard?

If your fastest segment effort is not appearing on the segment leaderboard, there may be several causes:

    1. If the segment in question starts or ends within a hidden portion of your activity the effort will not be placed on public leaderboards. You will not receive a CR, K/QOM, or Local Legend achievement for this effort, however, the segment will still be matched to your activity and you will still be eligible to receive a personal record. If you would like your segment effort to appear on the public leaderboard, you can adjust the map visibility of individual activities by following the instructions at the bottom of this page.
      1. Once you’ve had a Strava account for at least seven days and you’ve uploaded one activity, the first and last 200 meters of your activity maps will be hidden by default. You can change your default preference by following the instructions outlined here but keep in mind that this change will only apply to future activities.
    2. If the activity is visible to only you or your followers, the segment efforts will not appear on segment leaderboards. You can adjust your activity privacy controls on individual activities or for all activities by default.
      1. If you want your activity to appear on the leaderboard, click the edit icon and set the Privacy Controls to "Everyone".
    3. The activity may be flagged. You can see the flagged status of your activity in several places on the Strava website. On your Dashboard Feed, you will see the word 'Flagged' next to your activity title. Alternatively, if you navigate to the "Training" tab at the top of the page, then select "My Activities" you will see the flagged activities highlighted in red. If you believe the activity was flagged in error, you can request that the flag be reviewed directly from the activity page on the Strava website.

If none of the above applies, try the following troubleshooting steps:

    1. Change your activity's sport type to Canoe > Save > wait a minute and then go back and update the activity to the correct type.
    2. If everything else checks out, try using the refresh my results tool.
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