Segment Matching Issues

Understand why a segment may not have matched to your activity and what you can do about it, why false matches occur, and common problems in our segment matching algorithm. 

A segment didn’t match my activity but it should have

Why does this happen?
The most common reason a segment doesn’t match on a ride or run is that GPS drift occurred while you were recording your activity. This can cause you to miss the start or end points of the segment - both of which are necessities - or can cause you to trigger our "Gap Threshold" in the middle of a segment. 

If you are looking for details about why a specific segment might not have matched your activity - you can try using our new Potential Segment Match Analysis tool.  For more information on this tool, please see our Knowledge Base article.

One other possibility is that it is "hidden."  There is a link at the bottom of the ride page which may say "Show hidden Segments"  You may see the segment listed there - and you can unhide it. For more details, see the article here.

What can I do?

If a segment should have matched your activity but didn’t please proceed with creating a support ticket and include a link to the activity and to the segment page and we can try and match it for you. Sometimes we can manually match it for you but unfortunately, in some cases, we can’t.

As a side note, creating a segment from your activity and trying to "select" a segment detected as a duplicate in that process will not add the selected segment to your activity. The functionality is simply designed to let you know when duplicate or similar segments exist, not to change what segments will match your activity. 

My activity matched a segment that it should not have

Why does this happen?
Occasionally a ride or run will be falsely matched to a segment or receive an inaccurate segment time. Sometimes this is due to the fact that our segment matching algorithm must be flexible enough to account for GPS drift and can be a little loose with the matching. Poor GPS data can also contribute to inaccurate segment times. There may also be instances where you received a lift or rode in a vehicle for a portion of your activity and the Crop tool can remove that section of your activity and the invalid segment times.

What can I do?
If you’d like to be unmatched please proceed with creating a support ticket and include a link to your ride or segment effort and we can investigate. We can only unmatch segments in cases where it's unlikely there will be future problems with that activity data.

Problematic Segments

There are certain rules to follow when creating segments that can minimize the amount of problems that segment will experience - including false-positives, missing matches, inaccurate matches, and more.  For detailed information about how to optimize your segment creation, please see this Knowledge Base article

Solutions to Come

We're actively working to polish our segment matching algorithm - it's certainly a work in progress. We are aware of the issues that can come up with segment matching, and we have solutions to come.

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