Climb Categorization

The Strava climb categorization is similar to how the UCI categorizes climbs but with some modifications. When a climb is categorized, for the Tour de France for example, there is a subjective component to the categorization. If a climb is at the end of the stage it could get a tougher category than if it was earlier in the stage. Strava's method is objective, so if a climb is a category 1 climb it will always be a category 1.

Determining Climb Categories

A segment can be categorized as a climb on Strava if the length of the climb (in meters) multiplied by the grade of the climb is greater than 8,000. Please be aware that some segments may be categorized climbs but not marked as such.

You will see that a segment is categorized by the number on both the segment page and on the list of segments on your activity page. The categories are broken down as follows:

    • Cat 4 > 8000
    • Cat 3 > 16000
    • Cat 2 > 32000
    • Cat 1 > 64000
    • HC (Hors Categorie) > 80000




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