Strava Live Segments on ActiveLook


    • Strava subscription
    • ActiveLook Apple Watch app

Linking Your Accounts

    1. Open the ActiveLook app.
    2. Tap the setting icon (bottom right corner) > “Sensors, watches, Apps and more.”
    3. Tap “Strava” under Connected Apps on the next screen.
    4. You will be prompted to log into your Strava account or create an account if you do not have one. Accept that the ActiveLook app can connect to your Strava account.

After connecting, your ActiveLook activities (recorded from the mobile or Apple Watch app) will be automatically uploaded to your Strava account. You can even sync activities from ActiveLook that were recorded before connecting with Strava.

Selecting Segments

From the ActiveLook Apple Watch app press the settings menu (...) for your selected sport type (running or cycling.) In the “Strava Live Segments” section you can:

    • Enable/disable starred segments.
    • Enable/disable segments around you. The list of segments “around me” consists of the most popular segments within 2 to 20 km.
    • Select “Browse” to view your list of segments. The segments displayed will be sorted by distance to your current location, closest first.

At least one of the “Starred” or “Around Me” toggles must be enabled to view some segments. After the initial connection, you may need to wait a few minutes for the segments to be synced to your watch. Ensure your watch has a stable internet connection to reach Strava services.

Click on a segment card to see the details for this segment.

    • Star or unstar the segment by tapping the star icon.
    • Control whether individual activities are eligible for live segments by activating or deactivating them. When a segment is de-activated it will still be available in the list of segments but no race will be triggered during your activity.

Please be aware that we do not sync downhill ride segments to devices for Strava Live Segments. Please keep in mind that our system recognizes even the slightest negative grade so there may be segments that display a 0% grade that is considered downhill and therefore will not sync to devices.

On ActiveLook

Choose the opponent(s) you want to race against during your live segment efforts. During the segment effort, a dedicated racing screen will be created for each of the selected opponents if the opponent has a record recorded. As a consequence, for example, if you have disabled the KOM as an opponent, and if you do not have any PR, Wolf, or Carrot effort recorded for a given segment, then no race will trigger for that segment. You can swipe through the various racing screens to monitor your performance against each of the available opponents when the segment is active.

    1. From the ActiveLook Apple Watch app press the settings menu (...) for your selected sport type (running or cycling.)
    2. In the “Strava Live Segment” section select “Race Against.”
    3. Enable/disable toggles for the various available opponents:
      1. Your PR: Your personal record for the segment.
      2. The KOM/QOM/CR: Record holder for the segment.
      3. The Carrot: The racer just ahead of you on the leaderboard who is part of the list of athletes you are following on Strava.
      4. The Wolf: The racer just behind you on the leaderboard who is part of the list of athletes you are following on Strava.

When an active segment is detected in your proximity you will get notified by an “Approaching screen.” This screen will be displayed on your watch and eyewear with key segment information and an indication of the remaining distance to the segment start flag. The Live Segment will only trigger if you cross the segment start line in the proper direction. If you do not cross the segment start line or go more than 150 meters away from the segment start flag then the segment will be automatically discarded and screens will switch back to your previously displayed data screens. Click the “Ignore” button on your watch to dismiss the race for the segment.

If you are racing on a given segment, and approaching another segment start flag, it will be detected and eventually start in parallel to the first one. New racing screens will be added in the background in order not to disturb your ongoing segment. You can swipe to new segment screens on your watch or with the eyewear gesture sensor (if enabled.)


How do I disable Strava Live Segments on ActiveLook?

From the ActiveLook Apple Watch app press the settings menu (...) for your selected sport type (running or cycling.) In the “Strava Live Segment” section, toggle both “Starred” and “Around Me” OFF.

Why is my segment time different after I upload than it was on my ActiveLook?

ActiveLook provides an estimate of your live position during the segment and finish time at the end of the segment. To ensure consistency between users, the times shown on ActiveLook during an activity are preliminary, and the times shown on Strava after uploading are final.

Why didn’t one of my starred segments show up while I was riding it?

During an activity, if the GPS signal is poor, it can be hard to determine whether a user is on a particular segment or not. After the activity is uploaded, Strava can examine the entire activity and more accurately determine which segments were triggered - including the ones that didn’t show up in real-time.

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