Viewing Activities

Main Activity Page

    • Tapping an activity from your feed will take you to the full activity view. From there you can view the activity's comments, kudos, or other participants; or you can tap the athlete's picture to jump straight to their profile page.
    • Tapping the map view will display the full-screen map as well as a list of matched Segments. Scroll down or tap the Trophy icon to see a full list of segment results and their corresponding achievements.
    • If you're viewing a running activity, you will also see any estimated best effort achievements, and splits, and, if you are viewing your own activity, you will have the option to view matched runs.
    • Athletes who subscribe to Strava will see the following:
      • The weather during your activity using data from Dark Sky.
      • If your activity contains heart rate data, scroll down to see your Relative Effort.
      • If you're viewing a run, scroll down to view Workout Analysis.

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Viewing Segment Results

Tapping on a segment in the list of results will bring you to the segment effort page. From there, you can tap the Analyze button to see a detailed instantaneous segment effort analysis as well as a comparison to your PR on that segment; and scroll down to see the full segment leaderboard. Please see our article on segment results for more information and detailed screenshots.

Other Views

Select View Analysis to see the elevation, speed/pace, and heart rate (if available) details for the activity. A cadence graph is currently only available for a ride, virtual ride, and e-bike activity types. Strava subscribers can scroll down to see their heart rate analysis (if available), power zone analysis for rides, or pace Zone analysis for runs.

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