Mobile Workout Analysis

Detailed lap and split data for running activities are available for Strava subscribers on the mobile app

How it Works

The mobile workout analysis will be displayed automatically on your run activity page. Scroll down past matched runs to see a preview of your workout analysis and your splits at a glance. Click on the preview to open the workout analysis screen. The analysis will default to lap data, but if no laps are present, you will see a breakdown of your split data. The bar graph charts your pace over the laps or splits, and you can see a numerical breakdown of your distance, elapsed time, and pace for each lap or split below the graph. You can scroll through the graph or chart and highlight sections of your activity to learn more about your pace zones.

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Pace Zones and Splits

The pace zones used for your Workout Analysis are determined by your chosen performance stat. You can set this number from the My Performance tab on the web or by editing your profile on the iOS or Android app (look for Running Race Distance and Running Race Time). Splits are automatically created every mile or kilometer (depending on your preferred units).


Is this feature available for other activity types?

The mobile workout analysis will be displayed automatically on most activities that contain at least two laps. In cycling activities, power is also required to generate a workout analysis. Depending on the activity type, you will see your laps analyzed based on heart rate, power, speed, or distance. You can set your heart rate zones, pace zones, and FTP to calculate power zones in your profile settings.

Do I have to tag my activity as a 'Workout?'

No, unlike on the web, the mobile workout analysis is available for all run activities regardless of their tag.

How do I get lap data for my run activity?

At this time, the Strava does not have a lap button. If you record with a GPS device that's capable of recording laps, you can upload your activities to Strava. Laps can be created for any distance, but some devices will automatically record a lap every mile or km.

Where can I see my splits?

You can see all your splits at a glance between your workout analysis and your best efforts on the activity page.


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