Activity Syncing Issues and Incorrect Start Times Due to GPS Rollovers

Some athletes have experienced syncing issues as a result of a significant worldwide GPS change that happened at midnight on April 6th, 2019. You can read about the changes here and here. If your device's manufacturer did not release a software update to account for this change, your recordings may fail to sync to Strava OR sync with a date in the 2000s. If you are experiencing syncing issues like these you can identify the problem by following these instructions:

    1. Check to see if the activity's year is in the 2000s when it shouldn't be. Log on to Strava from a computer and select Training > My Activities. Toggle the date filter so that your activities are sorted by oldest to newest.
    2. If you do not see your recent activities dated in the 2000s, please try exporting the activity from your device or 3rd party platform and manually uploading it to your Strava account using the instructions here. 
      1. If the activity uploads successfully but you do not see it in your feed, the date of the activity was likely reverted to a year in the 2000s due to GPS rollover.
      2. If the file is unable to upload due to a "future time code" error, the file was recorded with a future date which prevents the activity from uploading successfully.
      3. If the file is unable to upload due to a "time" error, the activity file has numerous time code errors that prevent the activity from being uploaded to Strava.

Unfortunately, we cannot fix activities recorded with an incorrect year nor can we fix files that fail to upload altogether. Moving forward, we strongly suggest keeping your device's software up to date. You might also consider contacting your device's manufacturer with information about the specific error you identified.

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