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Have you ever wanted to split one activity into separate activities? If so, this is now possible through the use of our activity split tool!


Why would I split my activity?

There are many uses for this tool, but some examples of why you may choose to split your activity are:

  • You recorded a car ride, bad GPS data, or motor-pacing in the middle of your activity. You can crop this data out after splitting the activity at the beginning of the affected portion. 
  • You accidentally left your Garmin on over multiple activities and need to divide them. 
  • You recorded a multi-sport event such as triathlon, duathlon, or brick. 


How do I split my activity?

Refer to the "What is what?" section below for a thorough explanation of the tools on the split page. 

  • On the website, navigate to the activity that you'd like to split.
  • Click the wrench icon > click "Split".
  • From the split page, choose whether you'd like to make one or two splits. For example, if you are splitting a triathlon, you'll want to choose "3 activities." (You can always go back and split one of these activities again if you need to make more than 3 splits).
  • Drag the orange lines to the exact locations where you'd like to divide the activity. Hover over the speed graph to help you identify where you were stopped/transitioned to another sport. 
  • When you're satisfied with your selection, click "split" on the left-hand side. 
  • You'll be taken to the "My Activities" page where you'll see your new activities. Your new activities will retain the name of the original activity.  



What is what?


A. Choose to split your activity into 2 or 3 pieces and the activity will be automatically divided into equal portions based on time.

*You will still need to make precise adjustments using the orange markers.* 

B. Hover over the performance graph to see your distance, time, elevation, grade, speed, and sensor data at that exact point (represented by the thin black line). The distance and time shown will be the distance/time from the beginning of the original activity (mile/km 0), not from the orange line.

Tip: This graph is useful for watching your changes in speed. For multi-sport activities, the slower or stopped speeds typically represent the sport transitions. If you waited and got in a vehicle for a lift in the middle of an activity, the stopped time/speed might also fall right before a sudden jump in speed. 

C. Highlight portions of the performance graph in order to see a zoomed in view on the activity map. Click once anywhere outside of that selected area to un-zoom. 

D. Grab the orange dots and move them left or right to locate the exact point at which you'd like to split. As you move the dot on the graph, you'll see a corresponding orange positioning dot on the map. Make sure you are satisfied with the orange positions as that is where the activity will get divided. 

E. This section will show you distance and time stats for each of your new activities.

F. Choose to split the activity once you finish positioning the orange markers. This change cannot be undone unless you re-upload the original activity. If you need to re-upload the activity, this will cause you to lose kudos/comments. 



What will happen to my Kudos/Comments?

Kudos and comments will be saved to the first portion of the activity (Activity 1). If you split at the wrong spot and need to start over, you will lose kudos and comments.


How will my activities be named?

Your new activities will have the same name as the original activity. You can rename your activities using the edit tool. 


I accidentally split in the wrong place, can I fix it? How do I start over?

If you need to start over, you will have to delete the activities and re-upload the original file—this will cause you to lose kudos and comments. If you have a Garmin Device and use Garmin Connect, you can delete the current activities from Strava and then export the original file from Garmin Connect. Navigate to the Strava upload page and upload this file to your account. More instructions here.

If you do not have the original file, please login to our support site (upper right-hand corner) and then "submit a request." Please make sure to include links to the activities as well as the approximate date you uploaded the original activity. 


Can I set the activity type or rename the split activities during the split process?

You cannot set the activity type or rename the activities during the split process. The split activities will retain the original sport type and name of Activity 1. Once the activities are finished splitting, you can edit these fields from the activity page.  


What if I want to merge one of my activities back together?

There is no way to do this through the Strava website, but there is a 3rd party tool you can use to stitch the activities back together. You will lose kudos and comments during this process. 

1. Export the activities from Strava in TCX format. Here's how.

2. Delete the activities from Strava.

3. Upload the files to this site and save the merged file. 

4. Upload the merged file back to your Strava account.


How do I delete an activity?

Navigate to the activity you'd like to delete > click the wrench icon > click delete.  


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  • I was charged twice in July. I need my money back. Thanls

  • I completed the Lululemon challenge and never received my rewards

  • and what about kom and global records?
    i just dividen an activity and lost all of my badges. kom and global records.

  • Can we please have back/forward buttons similar to the crop tool to more precisely choose the split point? Someone has flagged my ride because I had a little GPS aberration on a little flat segment in a suburban street, causing me to take the KOM. The segment is so pathetically short that it is over in the space of a pixel, so I can't split the activity within the segment.

    Edit: I just found how to do it. After you have clicked on the orange dot to move it, you can use your keyboard left/right arrows to move the point back or forward one second.

  • Hello,

    I've split an activity in 3 parts. It was recorded as one cycling activity at first. Afterwards I've changed the first and last part of the split sections in running activities. But there is a bug or something, because the time visualized for the running is still the total time, not the split time!

    Thanks for helping

  • We've created a support request for you Jan.

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