Activity Split Tool

Use the activity split tool to split one activity into multiple activities. There are many uses for this tool, but some examples of why you may choose to split your activity are:

  • You recorded a car ride, bad GPS data, or motor pacing in the middle of your activity. You can crop this data out after splitting the activity at the beginning of the affected portion. 
  • You accidentally left your Garmin on over multiple activities and need to divide them. 
  • You recorded a multi-sport event such as a triathlon, duathlon, or brick. 

How do I split an activity?

Please be aware that the split tool is only available for ride or run activities with GPS. If you need to split an activity of a different type, change the activity to a ride or run, follow the instructions below, and change the activity back to the correct type.

  1. On the Strava website, navigate to the activity that you'd like to split.
  2. Click the ellipses and choose Split.
  3. Choose to split your activity into 2 or 3 pieces and the activity will be automatically divided into equal portions based on time. You can always go back and split part of one activity again if you need to make more than 3 splits.
  4. Drag the orange lines to the exact locations where you'd like to divide the activity. Hover over the performance graph to see your distance, time, elevation, grade, speed, and sensor data at that exact point (represented by the thin black line).
    1. Tip: This graph is useful for watching your changes in speed. The slower or stopped speeds typically represent the sport transitions for multi-sport activities. If you waited and got in a vehicle for a lift in the middle of an activity, the stopped time/speed might also fall right before a sudden jump in speed. 
    2. Highlight portions of the performance graph in order to see a zoomed-in view of the activity map. Click once anywhere outside of that selected area to zoom out. 
  5. Ensure you are satisfied with the orange positions as that is where the activity will get divided. Click Split on the left-hand side.
  6. You'll be taken to the My Activities page where you'll see your new activities. Split activities will retain the name of the original activity.


Automatically Split Activities

Strava can automatically split most multi-sport fit files from devices such as the 310xt, 910xt, or the 920xt. When you upload a multi-sport fit file, Strava's file parser will separate it into multiple activities during the upload process. If you uploaded a multi-sport file and it wasn't automatically split, it's likely your device does not follow conventional multi-sport formatting or the file is not in FIT format. If this is the case, you can use our activity split tool or you can export the individual .tcx files from Garmin Connect, and upload those to Strava.


After an activity is split, what happens to kudos and comments?

Kudos and comments will be preserved in the first part of the activity only. You will lose kudos and comments if you split at the wrong spot and need to start over.

How will a split activity be named?

Your new activities will have the same name as the original activity. You can edit the activities to rename them.

How do I undo an activity split?

There's no way to "undo" splitting an activity but you can re-upload the original version of the activity. This will require that any existing versions of that activity get deleted so that the new version can be uploaded. Keep in mind this will remove all kudos, comments, and photos associated with the original activity.

  • From the activity page on the Strava website, click on the actions (ellipses) icon and select Export Original.  The original activity file will be downloaded to your computer. 
  • Delete the incorrectly cropped activity.
  • Upload the original file here.

How do I delete a split activity?

Navigate to the activity you'd like to delete and click the ellipses > Delete.  

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