How to switch to an email & password login

If you are having trouble logging in to Strava with your Facebook or Google account or would like to change how you log in, here's how to create a password on Strava:

  1. If you originally logged in with Facebook, log into to Strava with Facebook to check the email associated with your account. Update your email if needed. If you have lost access to the email on your Strava account and cannot reset your password, contact us directly to resolve. 
  2. Log out of Strava. From the Login page, select "Forgot your password?". 
  3. Wait for the email to be sent to your email and then create a new password. You can now log in with your email and new password. If you would like to change your email on the website, go back to your profile settings and use your new password to update your email. 


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